Saturday, April 16, 2005

My final day

Poignance personified

at NUS was on 14th April 2005, Thursday. As you can see from my expressive back, I was feeling a sense of loss (the road sign in the photo should be taken seriously. Trust the person who has experienced multiple head bumping sessions as the bus roll by the humps). Sure, it may not be perfect: there are always grumblings about the auction-like system to get modules (I have become quite an expert on this. Consultation possible for NUS freshies. Hourly charges apply.), the amazing high-speed turns maneuvered by the shuttle bus drivers, the lack of shelter from some bus-stops to the university buildings, the less-than-desirable attitudes from some administrative stuff… blah, blah, blah.

But I have always appreciated the university. Perhaps it is because I led a shallow life and after being introduced to the university system where I can actually choose my modules, I get a little heady. And why not? With units such as “Science of Music”, “The Horror of the Other”, and “Wonders of the Human Body”, how can one, who previously only had the options of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics and Mathematic C, not get excited?

Of course, no education institute is complete without a ghost story, especially one about toilets. There is an account where a lone hand is always plaguing the female washroom at one of the buildings (in Arts faculty since it is usually the most ancient-looking one, more likely to attract the supernatural). Sometimes, when you are sitting on the toilet bowl, minding and making your own businesses, the Hand will tap your shoulders and make you jump and soil yourself. Other times, it will come in handy (no pun intended) when you need someone to help you hold your files while you wash your hands. As luck would have it, I encountered the Hand on my last day. Graciously, it agreed to pose for me (although it insisted on showing only 3 fingers as the other two have chipped nails and its wrist is slightly jagged from previous dismemberment):

the Hand

On the issue of the state of buildings, one can easily identify an Arts building from Science/Computing/Engineering/Law/Business. The rooms in Arts are always filled with some artifacts and the design is always so funkily retro. Science/Computing/Engineering/Law/Business on the other hand, have deco they would like to term as “contemporary”. *sniffs* If you happen to fall asleep during lectures and wake up disorientated, you would have no problem remembering where you are at by simply looking at the tables and chairs:

The groovy deco of Arts

If you find cups on the floor, you know you are most probably in Arts. The lecturers are totally cool about you eating and drinking in there.

The lack-lustre look of Science

Arts have a kick-ass library too. Some books you can find in Science/Business/Law libraries, you can also find in Arts library but not vice versa.

Rows and rows of fragrant books

Certainly, Arts canteen was once notorious for the large amount of cigarette smoke one could see there, but that is no longer the case now since they stepped up on patrolling. Loss of cultural identity man. The food at "The Deck" is supposed to be the best as well.

Arts is also the only faculty that comes with its own interchange that contains a myriad of buses that take you anywhere from Haborfront to Alexandra Hospital, from Holland Village to MacPherson. You never need to fear that there will be no seats on the bus if you take it from Arts. And who can forget the shady trees at Arts?

Big strong macho tree is symbolic of the people at Arts. We will never fall no matter how useless you proclaim the discipline to be!

Three years passed so fast. From my faux pas of wearing shades on campus, I have learnt of the power of accessories to enhance the black tee and jeans uniform. It has been fun.

More humps ahead

As you can see, the design of the blog has been changed. I think it looks like one of those branded monograms. Is this nicer than the design with the stars? Drop me a piece of crap!

***Update: 22 April 2005, 4:06AM

Yummilicious! Last day of school (discounting exams, that is) so have to pig out!
The last meal for the day.

Notice the heights, then the lengths of our bottoms and the flatness of our shoes? Arts slopes, hills, mountains, valleys, ridges, gorges and stairs are no joke.
Me, Friend #1, Friend #2.


CELLE said...

WOw, very nice photoes babe! I never saw NUS in this light before.
You muz be graduating as well then.


Oh yah..Good luck for EXAMS! Jia you!

jllt said...

Yep! Final semester.

Since we are both still up at this hour, I think we really need the luck for exams and last-minute mugging.

Adrian said...

Nice post. I missed the hand though.

CELLE said...

hehe i def nid luck next week when it starts.. but i stay up to read blogs... arghh.. so addictive.. hhaha

jllt said...

adrian: The hand is on the left side of the photo.

jllt said...

celle: I think Internet as a whole very addictive. Online shopping, voyeurism through Friendster, IM, exhibitionsm via blogging...

Very very bad for the studying schedule. >_<"

Merenwen said...

Yep, I prefer this template.

And I can really feel your melancholy and nostalgia... Awwwww! But I myself can't wait to graduate and get outta there... and I have one more year to go. Dang.

Hai~Ren said...

Oh yes, that tinge of nostalgia... No matter how much we hate the school system, I suppose there will always be moments when we think back on the happy carefree moments we enjoyed here.

And you captured a lot of what I find so wonderful about Arts... the shady trees outside LT11 (where I've seen fruit bats and owls at night), the library and canteen, the close proximity to KR Interchange.

All the best for the exams, and good luck in whatever the future holds.

jllt said...

merenwen: Haha... I can't bear to graduate and face the big bad world. But at least I'll get paid for working.

hai~ren: So far I think the system alright leh, especially for Arts where we get to choose the timetable and schedule into 3-day week.