Monday, April 11, 2005

Clubbing pixs

Aiyoh! Girls really doll up when clubbing. Abit too much ya. That's what makes Dblo's Photo Gallery and Friendster-like Nightlife website so fun to browse. See girls with too much blusher, too white foundations and too bright lippies.

Lots of "Priceless" moments.


Sheena said...

Cannot help it lah, not everyone is as naturally beautiful as the both of us are. We can get away with minimal makeup. =D

jllt said...

Haha. I think some girls just had very bad ideas about what make-up is supposed to do, ie, make them fairer, make them look rosier, make their eyes bigger. And thus, we have make-up freaks.

Anonymous said...

I oso say. No point wearing (too much) make-up. Reasons:

1. so dark, see what
2. most men, after 2 beers - all girls look the same
3. I concur with Jilt - it just mysteriously vanishes anyway
4. the more you put on the more you take off.
5. kissing with anything other than lip balm is just g-r-o-s-s!

Word to the lians - no need so wayang. You will never look like FannWong so pls give up. Have pity on the poor ahbeng lying next to you the morning after. He knows not what he saw (he had more than 1 vodka redbull) so please dun make him regret what he might have done (confirm cannot perform one).

Over n out.

jllt said...

Dear Anonymous,
It's jllt, not jilt. I get absolutely freaked out sometimes when I visit the toilet. The girls are there preening away, and applying more layers to their already very layered faces.

Cannot tahan sia!