Tuesday, April 05, 2005


If there is nothing I have learnt from my course, I have at least learnt the idiosyncrasies of academics. Look at the different citations styles they have! Chicago, Turabian, APA, ACA, AMA, MLA, Harvard, Legal... NUS, NTU, SMU, SIM (I guess they are hoping someday they will be recognized for their citation styles so I'm putting these in prematurely)...

I'm sure there are some obscure reasons why there are so many styles of just writing a book title and an author's name. But one thing is similar for all these styles: they attribute the author first. Very me-centric sia. I mean, most of the time I read a book, I remember the title rather than the author. Of course, if the author is very good, I'll remember the name.

Let's see. What style will NUS, NTU, SMU and SIM have?

JLLT. 2005, April 5. Citations. Singapore: NUS Press. Authentication Number: 05042005jllt

(Note: Be sure to add in Authentication Number. The only way to show you are the real deal.)

JLLT. 2005, April 5. Citations. Singapore: NTU Press.

(Note: Color in building-grey is a must.)

SMU. JLLT. 2005, April 5. Citations. SMU, Singapore: SMU Press. SMU. SMU.

(Note: "SMU" must appear at least 5 times. More is welcome, but less is a grave mistake. If you can make the font different, it would be even better.)

JLLT. 2005, April 5. Citations. Singapore: $IM Pre$$.


On a unrelated note, who thinks that guy acting in Channel 8's 9PM show will get the best actor award? He's acting as this noisy person who is semi-crippled and just woke from a coma right? They always commemorate those in disabled roles.

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