Monday, April 04, 2005

Popularity of blogs

After looking at some popular blogs, I realize that in order to be popular, you have the embellish the truth somehow. Some bloggers paint exciting pictures of themselves and their lives, how they are going from one party to another and meeting hot chicks/hunks here and there. Others are somewhat exhibitionists, showing their readers many pictures of themselves (Photoshopped, I suspect, in most cases) in different positions/poses/clothes/the works. Somehow, popular bloggers have to fuel the human instrinsic need to be a voyeur.

If the blog is about thoughts and opinions, it will allow readers to gain access to these thoughts and opinions and usually, they can hardly be mundane to increase readership. There must be some kind of sensationalization or aggrandization of the truth to make the blogger more exciting and to allow readers to live through the experiences of these so-called exciting bloggers. Or you must have a really weird topic, preferably with taboo themes, in order to keep people glued to the monitor and the "Refresh" button.

"If you are not gifted with words, then you better be good-looking and have a digital camera."

Come to think of it, if someone is really that interesting, I hardly think he/she would have time to blog about his/her exciting life. And images can be manipulated. Very cynical and suspicious of me. Correct me if you feel otherwise.


Adrian said...

I lead an exciting life and I blog. Well, I'm excited about my life, haha.

jllt said...

At this moment, with Fedora Core 3, 280GB and 512RAM, I think it would take quite some time to un-excite.