Friday, April 29, 2005

The best...

Aphrodisiac in the world:

Especially the temporal (hearing) and occipital (sight) lobes and olfactory bulb (enlightened by Big Fuck); to feel and imagine

***Error higlighted by Big Fuck:"Haha...hate to nitpick, but the olfactory bulb is just about where your 'b' is in 'temporal lobe', and it's involved in smell." No idea what that means but I don't want to be accused of being infantile so here's an intellectual input.

Boyfriend in the world:

*Tee hee hee*
One and only

Camera in the world (because it's mine):

4 Megapixels. Just nice; not too clear until can see flaws yet clear enough.
Casio Exilim EX-Z40

Chococlate in the world:

Yum! Aphrodisiac food...
Ritter Sport's Whole Hazelnut

Drink in the world:

The 3 in 1 version contains palm oil! Yikes!
Coffee before exams

Earrings brand in the world (because it's cheap, big and with new arrivals every week!):

I want them all!
Forever 21

Friends in the world (for the past 8 years at least!):

Look ma! No booger! Got blogger!
My sweethearts

Gift in the world (cuddly and with a weird big head. What more can a girl ask for?):

So intimidating!
Ah Pan

Good luck to me for my IP law paper! (@_@")


J Schnorng said...

So, have you moved on from the musical box now and decided to focus on your camera?

jllt said...

I'm just a narcissist. Thought the coffee swirling part was nice but cannot capture it leh... No skills.

Adrian said...

I presume you did reasonably well for the paper, dear?

jllt said...

Doesn't matter a row of beans to me because it's ungraded! :D

J Schnorng said...

You forget the olfactory bulb. That one is fucking important, you know. I should know, it's my business to study psych. Like my mom, who lectures it. In your school.


Ivan said...

All the best!

Just took my 1st paper, while people around me have finished 4 by now. SIAN.

jllt said...

j: Haha... Thanks for pointing it out. I only took the introductory course, which wasn't lectured by your mum. Pretty weird that all NUS lecturers I know send their children to non-NUS universities yet proclaim NUS to be the best.

hai~ren: It's 2 down 3 more to go for me! Just a little bit more!!! >_<"

J Schnorng said...

Haha...hate to nitpick, but the olfactory bulb is just about where your 'b' is in 'temporal lobe', and it's involved in smell.

I'm studying for a midterm in 'workings of the human brain' which is in approximately 3 hours, so I'm kind of on neuro-overload now.


jllt said...

Right... Smell is important. Pheromones and all that. Need to extract some from other humans to apply and be more attractive. Muahahahahahahahaahhahahahaha!!!!!!

Adrian said...

Yes, when I take over the world you can have your own human farm for harvesting pheromones from.

jllt said...

Aww... That's so sweet! My very own human-pheromone farm! I will need to castrate all the male employees in there.

Can't have people getting horny all the time and getting on with it while working on my farm.

starstar said...

chao-tar bread, sailormoon style! :D cute consumption? :X

good luck to us for js/if3225, 2+ hours away.

jllt said...

Yes! Ah pan is pitiful and cute, epitome of kawaii! I rebelling against society! Don't want to grow up! Let's play!!!

Good luck to you too!