Friday, August 05, 2005

Wacko tango

Went for a tango class on Thursday! But it wasn’t all that fantastic. There was something fundamentally wrong because the instructors did not look passionate!

How can! Why didn’t the girl bite a rose and why was the male wearing a ski cap? On the other hand, he was a total hottie though too short. +_+ Ah well… What was interesting about the class was the students. While people were mastering the steps, I was observing them and bitching about them to my partner. Hahaha… So I have forgotten most of the moves by now but I still remember the few categories of students we met!

Overdressed Wannabe
I think they are those who think to themselves: if I cannot tango, I should at least look the part. But for an introductory course, it’s over-the-top lah. What’s with the rose in the hair and the red and black combination? Dancing shoes too? OMG!!! All you lack now is a male prop from Argentina to complete your outfit. Oh! And replacing one of your two left feet with a right.

Amateur Tango Expert
Logically speaking, experts hardly need to attend tango classes. But you will see some people with dancing background going for these classes and acting like there is no difference between Chinese dance and tango. What they do is to strut around like a professional, swaying when none is required, grinding when hips are supposed to be still and smacking lips when the lyrics calls for slapping. Ahhhh… Act-likes are so damn annoying.

Big Feet Seeker
Stop stepping on my feet! Ah! It was so irritating to have people who were so into themselves that they failed to mind where they placed their feet. Maybe they mixed up flamenco with tango which explains why I was stomped on and not merely stepped on. Didn’t they hear that tango is social dance and one of the most important lessons is to know how to avoid other couples? Tut tut… Must be too busy looking the part to listen to the instructor. Or maybe really into getting big feet at the end of the class so they had to stomp about.

But then again, it was a free class so all things considered, it was quite fun. At least there was one eye candy and lots of interesting personalities. Blue-black toes do not rawk though. ):

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