Tuesday, August 09, 2005


We is a xx year-old Singapore! 然后hor在Australia有很多新家坡产品; 多到很多我都没有看过. 你见过它们吗?



不过, 我知道她是谁!

是美女与菜单! Hahaha!

Yes! This is how Singaporeans speak! No perfect english like what they have on tv hor! We is going to belated national day party here! :D


Anonymous said...

MAMA!!! missed u! hope u r havin a gd life over there! do u noe trident is a chewin gum brand in usa? haha =P keep ur blogs goin! *hugs*


A said...

然后hor在Australia有很多新家坡产品; 多到很多我都没有看过. 你见过它们吗?

hey... the jia in singapore is wrong jia. shouldn't it be the plus?

jllt said...

sammiz: Trident here comes up with a lot of "Singapore" stuff wan. Haha... Glad to hear from you!

bsjj: 哦! 对不起! 这烂字典有时按太快就会写错字! 谢谢你提醒我! 新"家"坡可能是因为我太想家了. 哈哈哈... 应该是新加坡!