Sunday, July 31, 2005

Experience Australia - Gold Coast, Clubbing & Tree Animals

Woooooo!!! Went to the Surfer's Paradise and failed to see kick-ass waves! Neither did I see any surfer hunks. But saw a beautiful beach with blue blue sky. Bikini-clad women are all over the place but standards... erm... varied.

So many people here in winter!

I think I can take some of the sand back and mix it into my housemate's flour. She won't know the difference. Until she eats it that is... Tee hee hee...

Surfer chick must be very disappointed with the lack of waves and hunks. I was.

It's always the time to force a guy to be my prop for an artistic pic!

Yes, I realised I'm overdressed for the beach but we will be there for all of 2 hours and heading back at night when it will be cold! Cold can die ok!

I was thinking about how Singapore wants to turn Sentosa into the Gold Coast of Asia. I think you will need a damn bloody lot of space to do it. But I think Sentosa is doing a great job so far. It can't be THAT easy to ship in that much sand to make those beaches. Though I doubt they can import waves. On the good side, Sentosa is better in the sense that there are toilets along the beaches while there is none on the Gold Coast (as far as I see anyway). I suppose this would mean that the sea is saltier in Gold Coast? :P


I don't know how we managed to summon up energy but we went clubbing at night. My first time clubbing in Australia and it was smashing baby! Ok, I'm gushing now, but there were alot alot alot of cuties. It never hurts to get some eye candy eh? The club should rename itself from Friday to Candies. Hahaha... I think the place turned me into a blonde too...

I look so wannabe here!!!

It also marred me for life ah! They are still using those ugly ink stamps! And gave me a mole bigger than Phua Chu Kang's!

Where's the UV chop baby! I felt like a cow being given a stamp of ownership. Moooooooo... By the way, milk is damn cheap here. 1 liter for A$1+.

In those days when I went to Boat Quay and they gave us those inked stamps, I used to think that they were collaborating with schools. This is how it would go:

Teacher: Bloody Hell! Stop yawning! You're disturbing my class!
Bloody Hell: No teacher! It wasn't me! I had a full night's sleep!
Teacher: Don't lie to me Bloody Hell! *stomps over to take Bloody Hell by the wrist* Ah ha! What's this I see! The clubbing mark!
Bloody Hell: Bloody hell...

So is this being done in Australia? Ok... I know I'm lame... Moving on now... Some of the locals were very friendly! When we were taking pictures, they offered to take for us and joined us as well. I think in Singapore, we get pissed at people taking photos in clubs and call them newbies. Heh heh...

So here's the "group" photo with half the group and some extra people we didn't know. (:

The drinks here are also supposed to be cheaper but not at the club I went to. I think it's slightly cheaper than Zouk. A$7.50 for Baileys? But they did not serve lychee martini. Lychee cost like gold here. $20 for 1kg? I cannot remember but I know it's sold under the exotic fruits section. There goes my dream of making R.S's milo dinosaur for sales here. Damn!

Of course it's not all a bed of roses. Sometimes, there will be people who pushed and shoved and kicked glass bottles towards us. Racist or not I do not know. I just know it was hilarious when a group of Caucasians tried to talk to us and when we didn't reply, they threw out all the Asian languages such as Japanese and Korean. So here we are, all Asians with nary a difference between distinct nationalities. Categorizations are such headaches, aren't they? (:


More excitement awaited us the next day. Armed with my digital camera and a very fair* housemate, we went to get chips from the school's vending machine. On the way back, we saw this little friend...

Can spot it anot? On the right there!!! Must be doing exercise with such a pose.

Yes! It's an animal! We have no idea what it was and finally decided that it was more likely to be a possum than a squirrel. It was so cute!

It was so tiny and out alone braving the cold winter air! Little soldier! Right... It was probably laughing at me who was swarmed from top to toe with woollen clothes. x_x

I think it was probably not used to two giggling girls taking pictures of it because it kept turning towards the flash. Perhaps trying to figure out why the lightning was so close tonight?

Here's a close-up. Please drop me a coment if you know what it is. No need to tell me its a furry mammal that's commonly found on trees in Australia. Thanks!

So after 30 minutes of shooting and almost blinding the poor fellow, we were on our way and guess what! We saw more!

Two of them! Maybe they are very common here, just that we were suaku. But I don't care! I is excited!

I think this is a different animal but whatever it was, it was like the first and enjoyed posing for my camera. Though it had serious red eye problems. Tut tut...

It dawned upon me that they were perhaps seeking treatment at the nearby vet clinic. Haha... Maybe I'll see a kangeroo or a crocodile next time. Hmmmm... Ok... Scaly reptiles can be on their way without any disturbances from me nor my camera.

*Being fair is an advantage for traveling at night because some drivers do not on their headlights and streetlights are few and far between in most places. So my glowing housemate doubled up as a torch in the dark! Heh heh...


Adrian said...

Heheh, very entertaining post.

Ivan said...

Brushtail possum, Trichosurus vulpecula

The fascinating thing about Australia is that Australia has been largely cut off from the rest of the world for several million years. apart from some rats and mice (which crossed the sea on floating vegetation), and bats (which flew across), Australia's native mammals are all marsupials (i.e. their young are born completely naked and helpless, practically still fetus-like, and then develop in a pouch).

Injenue said...

thanks hai-ren for that nature lesson. but i think what's missing are BIKINI pics lar.. come on! we demand u post up some hot BIKINI pics!!

starstar said...

injenue > u horny fella ;p

nice nice sand! =)

be careful on the roads ya, a buddy of mine was knocked down by a car, and suffered a dislocated shoulder. she went to the hospital and it treated her like a third-grade citizen. she was in so much pain but they only scheduled her operation 2 weeks later. fed-up, her mum flew her back to singapore and she got her operation done one day touch down.

racism is so not nice >.<"

Anonymous said...

Chance upon your blog. Nice posts.....refreshing to "re-live" those days i spent enjoying...i meant Qld. Those are definitely possums...mostly seen flat on the highway roads. U may be lucky to catch some "freshly squeezed" ones too. Friendly bunch....not so bright tho. Keep up the posts! Really enjoyable to see u guys doing the things i used to do with my bunch of mates. Clubbing at Friday, coffee at Milton, Pizza at Hawken Dr, Chinese take-aways from that shop along Sir-Fred Schonel (??!)....Enjoy your youth! Cheerios mates!

KV said...

I'd love to visit the Gold Coast one day (sorry but intruding…found your blog randomly)

Anonymous said...

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