Friday, August 12, 2005

National day party @ Mercury

I was at a belated National day party at the local club! But hor, I think I was the most “national” person because I wore a white top with my red flower pin! Somemore my pinkie got the red and white French manicure leh.

DIY lah… That’s why only pinkie got. Heng ah! If not people think I nationalistic pervert.

I didn’t see anyone else in that color scheme. Maybe not cool to be patriotic but I don’t care! 我们是一个新加坡! Or maybe it wasn’t really a national day party because the biggest word was MAMBO?

Red color! Huat ah!

So what did we have at this MAMBO party? We had interesting games! The very new and innovative best-dressed people competition!

Lesson from the pic: When in doubt, wear black. You are considered best-dressed then!

But I don’t think they were judged based on dressing leh. About as much judged on dressing as the American Idols were judged on their singing. Hahahaha… If you look good you win lah! It’s all a popularity contest in the guise of a competition. But why don’t have any games related to Singapore wan? Like those very fun trivial quizzes such as asking who is the author of the blog “Crap & Such”. Haiz…

I also tried to do my part for diplomatic relations by asking to the point of coercing my two Malaysian housemates to the party.

Alcohol here don't come in jugs ya!

It was also a night of revelations.

Revelation One: I realized I look like I am “surrendering” when I dance! Maybe that’s why my friends said the bouncer was looking at me.

Even my accessories were white!

The yellow shirt guy changed positions already while my elbows were still locked!

Revelation Two: This is more like a confirmation: vodka sucks! The Smirnoff increased my heartbeat and gave me gastric pains and headache!

Thanks a lot you cheap $8 buddy!

Revelation Three: Parties here got more yandaos than bashes in Singapore! Haha… Not strictly true la but maybe because it was brighter here and thus easier to spot them. Tee hee hee…

For girls who like the boyish. (Yes, Luke looks totally like my way-younger brother and my camera’s night mode sucks. Want to sponsor a new one? :P)

For women who like the manly. (Yes, this is the MOST unflattering picture of bouncer Mika. His cute dimples are missing! Yikes!)

The MAMBO night was fun! Not because they played MAMBO songs (on the contrary, the DJ missed out the classics from Belinda Carlisle and Bananarama) but because there was a happy vibe in the air! No shoving like what you have in Singapore where people push you to get past to go wee wee. Generally, everyone was friendly till I met an eerily friendly guy who claimed he was in Brisbane as a professional gambler (o_O”). When my friend told him I was his "girlfriend" because I wasn’t too keen on talking to someone who stood too close too soon, he told my “boyfriend” that he didn’t care, he just wanted to make more friends. Later, when this guy saw me again, he muttered, “Oh! This is the one with a boyfriend.” Hmm… Sometimes I think it’s good to live in such a simplistic world where you categorize people according to whether they are attached or not. Poor Luke also got targeted by him! Too friendly!

So, Mercury was great fun because we had a bit of Singapore and I introduced my housemates to MAMBO moves and ah lian chants (Ai yo, ai yo, ai yo!). Too bad they didn’t play national songs; I was dying to sing “Count On Me, Singapore.” ):


Ivan said...

Right... I went Mambo on Wednesday and the first thing I heard the moment I stepped in was 'We have a vision for tomorrow..." That was a real mood-dampener.

And yah, nothing could be more Singaporean than doing mambo moves and ah beng chants in the club.

Injenue said...

very long never crub liao. i is old oredi.

jllt said...

hai~ren: You were so lucky! :P

injenue: Yes, you is old before ur time. Tut tut... Poor Faith... Tee hee hee...

fayeth said...

eh. EH. leave me out

starstar said...

julia>> sure looks fun =D i love old-school national day songs too xD

hairen>> eheheh really ah? they really did count on me singapore?? hehe, was at dlbO which played normal music lol..

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