Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mysterious location revealed

I think the suspense must be killing the so-many 3 readers who bothered to reply to my previous post. So I shall reveal the venue of the photograph. To refresh your memory, this was the place:

And this is a... *drumroll*


The Three Monkeys! Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil! But not true la! I did alot of gossiping inside as I'm sure that was what the other patrons were doing too. I caught words like "affair, bed, big and bitch", so I shall let your imagination run wild. The deco of the cafe is simply bombastic! It's not like those international brands where their logos are printed everywhere; rather, the cafe gives you the feeling of a darker, cosier Central Perk (from friends). You would almost think that you are a guest at somebody's house. Furthermore, the staff are extremely friendly and there is even a backyard where you can enjoy your hot-but-soon-to-be-cold coffee in winter coolness.

Warm cosy lighting. If you think this place is ideal for making out, pray banish the thought. This is a cafe that is frequented by friends or nerds who act like grand chess players. Smooching would be way out! So don't be a cheapo; get a hotel.

I'm not sure what the theme is, but I think we got a "tribal" corner. If you look up, you will see the above view. "Look up" and "above view" geddit? Lol... I'm good.

The other patrons are pretty far from you so it's a good place to blurt out your secrets. Unless I'm around of course because I am really observant and have really good hearing. How else do you think I caught snippets of the "affair"? :P

Looks like a good picture right? Sorry to disappoint you; these were what the previous customers had. All dirty and germ-filled. Remember, photographs are but an angle on reality. Just like blogs. So if someone is not taking photos that represent reality as you see it, take your own! :D

Definitely tribal. If you're good, you can start on the drums and drink dead insects from the pot.

But these are not the best parts. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you...

Da sinfuls!

Da heavenly chocolate sin

Da creamy blueberry cheese sin

Da dreamy mocha sin

Da smoothy cappuccino sin


Da sinner!

I beg my diet's forgiveness for I have let myself go.
I beg my wallet's pardon for I have made a hole in it.
I beg my heart to slow down for I have over-excited it.
I beg my waist for a reconciliation for I have expanded it.
I beg my mind to forget them for I have had cravings since then.

Begging is useless for I now need to plead with the sky for a good weather as I have to wash my drool-drenched pillowcase. And I even have pictures to remind me of my sinful temporary but delicious lapse.

I savored the last chocolatey morsel

I drank the last frothy drop

I licked the cheesy plate clean

I was made to pay for my sins for at the end of it all, I turned into this:

Please note the contented look on my face though


lancerlord said...

Too late to read your previous post. I had been busy mahz. Read this one first instead.

Injenue said...

wahaha looks good! but i had heavy dinner so i is not hungry LOL!

giraffes said...

thank goodness i got cheesecake in the fridge. whhooo. feel like eating the cat. i mean the cake. lol~