Monday, August 08, 2005


I've been hearing a lot of love stories recently, particularly related to how the couples got hitched (Yes, many of my pals got attached recently. Love is in the air!). Most of these conversations were with my female friends and what was interesting was not the tricks and mind games being played (We know there's always that. No simplicity where love is concerned.); rather, it is about who popped the question first.

Now, this is not about whether a love confession has been made or not. In most cases I pried into, both parties have expressed their liking but I found a commonality! Guys are not concerned about status! The question "what are we now" totally does not concern them, whereas the girl wants some sort of confirmation regarding where she stands with a particular guy. Only time when the guy wants to ensure the relationship is what he thinks it is is when the girl has other suitors. Tut tut... Territorial instincts.

Tell me if this isn't true.


fayeth said...

It's true.


Wait, so if the girl asks the guy "what are we now?"...does that mean she's the one who popped the question?
Or is the relationship rendered void for the lack of the main question?

Eh, so valid or not! lol.

Sorry. At work when half the CBD population is at home sucks. It's making me very boliao =x

J Schnorng said...

damn those 'where are we now' speeches; what's wrong with being in the middle of nowhere making out? that's a pretty good place to be, i reckon.


Adrian said...

I totally agree with my brogging brudder. Heheheh.

Steve Metcalf said...

Argh! You broke the code!