Monday, August 29, 2005

I hate emoticon wars

You know how you can get customized emoticons for your MSN nowadays? I have a love-hate relationship with them. I love how you can inject these cutsy, moving pictures into your conversation to portray an image of being oh-so-sweet. Or use those with sexual connotations for well... connotations of other ideas.

What I hate is when it becomes a war with the other communication party. In the middle of the conversation, I will innocently put out one emoticon to make a point. Usually it is the one where nose-digging is thoroughly enjoyed:

What I am actually saying is "Pi sai to you!"

Then the other party will be all enraged and want to show his/her collection of emoticons, presumably returning with one that is meant to offend:

What the crap does this mean anyway? "Move your bowels"? I just did and thank you for asking about it.

Then, you know the challenge has been issued. So for the next 20 minutes, the most senseless kind of warring goes on, even more brainless than flaming. You just click and click and click. It is like a game of Snap: you just put down your cards and try to get as many cards as you can. The person who runs out of cards first loses. And in the meantime, you also collect more cards.

I know this is infantile and I can simply not reciprocate. But honor demands it and I shall triumph in this war of the emoticons! Muah, muah, muahahahahahahahahaha!!!


A said...

well, we used to make emoticons of every pic that we had ! well hahahhah. hope im first. heehee

Adrian said...

that's why i use GAIM. i have freed myself from having to be disgusted at everyone else's stupid emoticons.