Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ekka day! YEE HA!

As promised, here’s the post about the day-long trip at Ekka! What is Ekka in the first place? I think it has some agricultural roots but to be sure, look up its website la. From my perspective, the Ekka is about spending money and getting almost nothing back after a trip to the loo! I spent a grand total of A$78 and here’s what I got:

The frog croaks out songs and the Winnie the pooh is so horribly distorted that it’s adorable!

Aren’t they adorable? I love quirky shits like this. To be honest, I was trying my hand at this game to win one of these big ass stuffed toys, preferably a Kermit:

Homer also cute! Doh!

But never mind! I had chance to flirt with the guy working at the stall. Maybe that’s why he gave me Winnie? I also don’t know wor. But that game leeched me of $10 lah! I think the giant stuffed toys also ‘Made in China’ like almost everything else in Australia. So there was the funfair with the money-sucking games and rides:

Boinggg cost A$30 ok! You give me money I use my zero-point send you bouncing la!

Want to check out the view from the ferris wheel? Sure! Only A$5 and you can also go home with a runny nose and a frozen butt.

The rides were all so similar to what we have in Downtown East that I had no interest to try any. Furthermore, need to pay wor! I is poor student! So I only took this bone-numbing, liquid-nitrogen-temperature A$5.50 ride that hung my housemate and I half-way up in the middle of no frikking where, that made our teeth chattered ceaselessly, our long shoulder-length hair stood on ends and our damn pictures turned out with an effortless blurred effect:

Spot the ride in this pic! Of course, with the origins of Ekka, you can expect to see a lot of cowboys, cowgirls, cowwomen, cowmen, cowbabies (calves?) and cows. So sad. At the cow enclosure they put there “Breeds for beef”. How you dare to eat?!

Evidence of the nippiness while suspended up there.

Why after a trip to the toilet you get almost nothing back despite spending a small fortune at Ekka leh? Because Ekka is about food as well! There seemed to be a lot of food meant for licking:

Strawbery ice-cream! A$5.50

Dagwood dog! A$3.80

Non-licking but something that reminded us of home…

Wah lao! Expensive reminder dey! A$8.90!

Of course! Ekka is also about vegetables, fruits and animals! For us urbanized kids, seeing animals in real life damn shocking. I think it would be even more shocking for our male counterparts because the male animal bits were real boinggg! Because of the bandwidth constrictions (!!!!!!!!), I shall just show you the more unusual creatures, but rest assured that there were pigs, goats, sheep, fish, poultry, cats, dogs, hamsters, mice, cows, deers, llamas, camels, horses, guinea pigs and then some:

Yes, this is chicken.

Yes, this is also chicken.

Something’s 屁屁.

There were also places to get various merchandizes that came in packages called showbags. Basically what we know as goodie bags ba! However, you need to pay for these, which they said were discounted already. Hmm… I didn’t get any. I too old to be taken in by these marketing gimmicks le! Hahahaha.... You ain’t gonna get my money!

So friendly that they waved when you were taking picture of the venue. In Singapore you get diao? Hahaha…

These were part of the grand finale! (Yah… I’m just putting up the more suggestive ones.)

“Where’s the egg?”

Rambutan in the sky!

Damn! I had bandwidth restrictions! Now I cannot show you all more about Ekka. It was really fun though I was frozen half the day. But never mind! You can never get frost-bite in Singapore! Must try!

*Thanks for the use of your bandwidth, somebody!


Injenue said...

nice lar!! now u make me lagi more want to go on horiday!

starstar said...

nice nice!
i also want holidayyy!