Thursday, August 18, 2005

The adventures of 黄熊熊

Hello everybody! I is the黄熊熊 aka HXX. Prease to meat every1! 2day, I is will share with u my going out adventures! It started when 美狗狗 asked me out on MSN:

Isn’t she the cutest?

Of course I is could not refuse her! But later she flew me aeroplane. )): But nvm, I is able 2 have fun by myself as you can see!

I is woke up very early wor. By 8am I is already in the car on my way around town. Got proof wan!

I is nv adjust the clock to lie to u ok!

I is having a good time looking out the car:

I is looking at a house that is for sale. I is thinking of moving out because my house now is too small to put my one red tee. What do u think?

But I is very scared when I is saw a bigger bear about 10”. So I is hurry to hide:

This is the secret compartment in the car I is built for emergencies like this.

Tada! I is reached the XXXX! You want to guess what it is?

No, no, it is not the same as XXX!

It is a brewery! Then I is walk around it until I is saw this big wheel.

It is also red and yellow like me so I is think that it is my friend, must take picture.

But the place is got alcohol. So I is feeling faint, must rest awhile.

This is my portable bed, a bit hard leh.

Then I is regained my strength and I is walking along. As I is strolling, I is thinking to myself, it would be great to be in Paris. It is a romantic place and I is would like to bring 美狗狗 there someday. After I is got the courage to ask her be my wife! (I is wonder what our children would look like.) I is must have been thinking very hard because I is at Paris!

See the tower behind me? I is in Paris.

But I is got too excited so I is stopped thinking, then I is brought back to Brisbane where I is shocked again! You know why Centro and Samsara closed in Singapore? I is tell you!

They moved to Brisbane! I is think they want to start their own Mohammad Sultan here in Milton, Brisbane. So secretive! Remember, I is the one who told you this first!

I is feeling tired so I is went home and eat strawberry yogurt. I is very lucky! The strawberries were spilling out of the cup!

This is my meal of the day.

I is tired now so I is going to sleep. Not very good to sleep immediately after eating. I is hope I is dun get fat.


bsjj said...

hahahahahhahahhahha!! so funny!!! I is... hhahhahahah must have took you a long time to take the pictures...

Steve Metcalf said...

That's the funniest thing I've read in awhile! "It is also red and yellow like me so I is think that it is my friend"!! Great!

Heavenly Sword said...

This is a very cute post :)