Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Plunging readership

I'm afraid I'm losing my crappiness. Nooooooooooooooooooo!!! No one reads my blog regularly anymore. Except me! Hahaha... I have to go out and start observing things. So to salvage my plummeting readership, I went out with the purpose to noting interesting stuff in Australia and here they are:

- The skies turn dark at 5pm.
- The average student dressing can put any NUS Arts undergrad to shame.
- They like to sleep on the grass in the middle of nowhere.
- They start drinking at 7pm. Probably still trying to forget school has started.
- The crows make sounds that are very much like those cats make when mating.
- Dogs like to bark just when you are about to fall asleep.
- They start work at 5am. At least the construction site near my place have such hardworking employees.
- Stand further from them when you are talking so you can look them in the eyes. Most of them are taller than you. This won't be necessary if you talk in bed. Tee hee hee...
- They like to jog in winter. I wonder if their sweat freezes on their skin.
- They are into this show called Big Brother. Most foreigners do not get its appeal however because it is about throwing people into a house and using a "Big Brother" to ask them perform tasks. ("Most" is according to the 4 I've asked.)

And lastly, the weather here is so dry that it makes your skin crack.

Click to see the full horror.


Anonymous said...

Just to reassure u.. thats not the case.. :) and it seems like i will be in Brisbane in sept to visit my best fren there. Mebbe u wanna do coffee or something..

jllt said...

I doubt you can make the weather wetter! Hahaha... Sure, drop me a mail when the details are finalized. (:

misunderstood said...

there are some readers like me who sometimes just read, and will only post a comment if i think of something meaningful. :)

J Schnorng said...

donch worry girl; my readership plunging also, but we're still in the cool group together lah hor.

jangan tension lak one corner steady bom bi bi.

Jin said...

If there already are so many cracks on your hand, I'm sure there are more elsewhere.. the horrors! Apply slatherings of moisturiser!

Adrian said...

Yes, we all cool niggas be doin' the one-two step and shit.