Friday, July 15, 2005

Why Singapore always gets bad reviews for customer service

If you come to Australia, you will find the answer to the question. They love to greet people, so much so the bus driver will take it upon himself to screw you up if you do not greet him. Seriously, what is the big deal? I know the custom here is to greet people, but is there a difference in what you say? Doesn’t a “hi” constitute a form of greeting?

If you are wondering what I am rambling about, let me tell you the fat slob of a driver I met today. I wanted to take a bus to the city and had no idea what the fare is. So I proceeded to ask the fucked-up driver whose salary I pay (part of anyway).

Driver (D - D suits his D cup boobs, man): Good afternoon.

Me (smiling): Hi. What is the fare to city?

D (like a broken record): Good afternoon.

Me (thought he did not understand my question): Hi. What is the fare to city?

D (like a broken record with D cup boobs): Good afternoon.

Me (wondering what he wanted): Good afternoon?

D (with his wobbling D cups): Really! Where have your manners gone!

So, now I know I have to greet the bus driver his way. “Hi” is not the proper way to acknowledge the mighty bus driver who is providing ME with the service.

This is why Singapore will never get good ratings for customer service. How can we when we do not have bus drivers trying to educate people on how to greet them their way?

On the other hand, bus drivers are the worst. There are plenty of other service staff here who give nothing but the best and most polite assistance. They make you feel the warmth of being in a foreign country. I guess sitting too long on your ass and driving people around makes you a grouchy and fucked-up rude asshole eh, Mr. D?


S&S said...

the weather is nicer and cooler over there?.... lol... so nice of the driver... in sg, only a few bus captains will greet you ... =)

jllt said...

Weather ok lor... But humid weather better...

I don't need people to greet me lor... I did greet him but he had a standard all passengers had to stick to...

kukukucinta said...

it's not only in aussie. HK, bangkok, japan, all have excellent customer service, make u feel like a king...

fabz said...

I think he is really

ei|een said...

its true. alot of other countries have really really good customer service.

but maybe its because tipping is customary in those countries, so they must work harder for their tips?