Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Define your happiness!

Was reading injenue's post about happiness. So let's tell the bloke what gives you happy vibes! Here's my contribution!

Happiness is
- the hot shower after getting caught in the rain
- taking a nice photo especially one of yourself
- having people you love love you back
- laughing at people who just fell a funny fall
- when the day you have been expecting turns out as planned
- when you tell yourself you are happy
- crapping with your friends at the favourite coffee/alcohol joint
- having undivided attention from someone who matters
- when you are a daughter of my parents and a sister of my brothers
- when the expensive shits you have been eyeing is marked down 100%
- having someone praise your cooking which you are secretly very proud of
- getting lots of comments on your blog about how you rawk
- you go abit crazy around your friends and they laugh with you, not at you
- you snuggled in bed with a special someone on a cold, rainy day
- food arrives immediately after you ordered it because you are about to faint from hunger
- when your boogeeing song comes on just as you think clubbing has lost appeal
- holding someone or something your cherish in your arms
- drinking milo dinosaur from R.K eating house
- you see something so beautiful that time stops (my reflection? hahaha)
- feeling the kindness and warmth of strangers when you are lost
- enjoying the simple pleasures of life such as peeling your nails, popping the zit (and to hell with scarring), smiling at happy memories, getting into an air-con room when the sun is really getting to you, being around the one...

Teeheehee... teeheehee...

You can actually feel happier after writing it! Alright! I live a deprived life... +_+