Saturday, July 16, 2005

They're universal!

I expected that there will not be the same kind of students in postgraduate courses as those I have met/observed in undergraduate studies. This stemmed from my rationale that these pupils were already dead from all the dagger stares directed at them. Boy, was I wrong, mate! They will haunt us at every level!

So who are they?

- The one who always have an answer
It is easy to identify this one. Usually seated in the first row, his/hers is the hand you will see shooting up whenever anything remotely like a question is said. “Isn’t it a fine day?” said lecturer. “Aye, great day for a walk around campus,” replied him/her. He/she is also likely to have the loudest voice (so everyone can hear his/her intellectual answers of course).

- The one who chats up pretty girls only
You know how houseflies like to buzz around poo? If you want to seek this one out, you just have the find the poo – the pretty girls! Alright, that’s an unfair analogy. The housefly bit is being nice while the poo bit is being sour grapes? Haha… Another way of singling this guy out is to check his outfit. Usually overdressed for school with some quirky style that he might think is cool. For example, you may find a metal chain securing his wallet to his belt loop or maybe bright fuchsia shoes with green polka dots that are so in.

- The one who sits at the back of lecture hall and dozes
By virtue of location, you can find this one. The lecture theatre is full you say? No problem, just follow the smell of drool. Or the sound of things flying all over the place because he/she has dozed right off the chair.

- The one who is religiously copying every word said
Listen for the sound of non-stop scribbling or that of pencil box being hastily opened because the first new pen has ran out of ink and it is a matter of life-and-death to get a new pen as soon as possible to take more notes. I think Singaporean students are often accused of this. Let me say something in our defense: if we don’t write stuff, we will just be one of the former.

- The one who laughs at the lecturer’s lame jokes
He/she can compete with the one who always have an answer because they both like to be loud. This one contributes with a thundering laughter or a laugh that ends way later than everyone else’s and way beyond what the joke is worth.


KingMeng said...

Hm...I would fall under the one who sits beside a person who is religiously copying every word that when I switch off, I can just read off the other's notes, and not miss anything. :P:P

Adrian said...

I would be the dozer, I guess.

fabz said...

haha...i think i will be the one copying notes furiously, but in the end, i won't understand a single thing that i copied...

Ivan said...

Ha... you ought to add one more category: The one who brings his laptop to class and is religiously checking email, looking at pictures of bikini babes, reading comics and in general doing anything BUT paying attention to the class. Heh, that's me. =P

Injenue said...

wahaha hai~ren!! ^5 that's me too!!

ps. if i even go for lecture that is..

thewickedstyle said...

haha, i like this one. too funny! also notice that the busy scribbling kind can be split into two sub-groups. group 1 (the majority) will be those who keeps their heads down when teacher asks qns coz they are too busy copying to hear the qn!


Johnny Menace said...

metal chain securing his wallet? people wearing chain securing their wallets don't hit on girls.
whouldn't the religous note taker also bring a voice recorder.

ei|een said...

heh. most of the time, i don't even go for lectures. too busy sleeping away. haha.

if i go, i'll either copy notes if the lecture is interesting, or doodle nonsense if its boring.

Anonymous said...

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Zhe Bin said...

hey i fall into none. i skip all lectures! hahaha! but however if i were to turn up (largely because of low attendance rate), i'd be sleeping then waking up to laugh at everyone else.