Friday, May 20, 2005

The price of fame

After my blog was recommended by Sunday Times as "Hot Blog", I got all paranoid. If someone look at me or just glance in my direction, I would freeze. Is he going to ask me for my autograph? Could she be thinking that I look better in my photos rather than in real? So far, no one has approached me yet.

But when I went out today, I could not shake off the feeling that I was being watched. When I turned around, there was no one. I really thought there was a stalker lurking in the corner. My friend told me I was being an idiot. So I tried to shop around and admire the places I never knew existed in Singapore. Did you know there are extremely retro looking shops* like these:

With some humans around, it looked very nice and trendy. You know, vintage whatevers are fashionable nowadays and it's important to be chic, darling.

But without people ...

(Ok... Imagine that you cannot see the reflections.)

Kind of spooky right?

Just when I thought it could not get any spookier, I took a picture and came back with this:

Can you spot the eerie apparition smacked in the middle of the photo**? Yikes!

Tried as I might, I could not get rid of the ridiculous sense of being on a pedestal. If I pick on the imaginary booger, will someone take a picture of me? Or stop reading my blog? I will be mightily sad man... Boohoohoo. So I refrained my fingers from going anywhere near my nose. No mean feat.


It was right in front of me! I wasn't being an idiot! I was being watched!

And it was not alone! There were many many of them***!

Haiz... The price of fame.

* The fantastic retros are at Change Alley Aerial Plaza Tower.
** You really thought it was a ghost sighting meh? Just taking a photo of Clifford Pier through a window. A very dirty one.

*** Catch them all at Raffles Place! Use Exit B from the MRT.


ei|een said...

hahaha.. i love your blog. you crack me up.

and no, i didnt get here from the newspaper review. stumbled on here via the great SG Blogosphere. heh.

congrats on bein featured, by the way. good work!

p/s : oooh! freakin cool eyeballs! i want one! damn. first the cows everywhere, now this!

Ivan said...

Ah... I see that Raffles Place has been the location of the latest Happy Tree Friends adventure. :)

jllt said...

ei|een: Thanks a lot girl! Always great to know I make someone laughed. (:

hai~ren: I was thinking of bringing packets of tomato sauce and putting them onto the eyeballs to make them more interesting. But I think the advertisers will not be too please.

Adrian said...

Heheh nice post dear. I especially liked the eyeballs. They remind me of my balls. Eyeballs, I mean.

JL said...

This is a very good post, with a very nice twist at the end. Impressive "eyes"

Keep it going :-)

jllt said...

Balls are fun!

jl: I like twists. But sometimes twist too much people come to expect it and the twists are no longer twists. Heh heh..

Jx said...

what started out as an "oh no.." became an "oh wow" at the end. =)

jllt said...

Haha... "Oh no" as in:
1) She really think she so popular meh!


2) Jia lat! She got stalked!?

Heh heh... Anyway, I think the eyeballs are cute. I think they light up at night. Should go and take a look.

Injenue said...

i thot the cows were cute. and so are the eyeballs. anything out of the ordinary to brighten my day.

jllt said...

If you go and see the eyeballs at night when they (I think) light up, they can brighten your nights too!

SPG said...

I think Xiaxue is a "staged event" with more background planning and public relations going on than we realise! There's a US website that has scans and translations of her ZaoBao Interview (May 8th). Don't believe? Check it out HERE!

jllt said...

The girl is going places!