Wednesday, July 27, 2005

轰轰烈烈的爱? Not!

After a quick survey, I realized most of my girlfriend’s mothers give them the same advice when they first get attached.

“Do not put your whole heart into it.”

When I asked my mother why she would say such a thing, her reply was this:

“I will be the one who has to pick up pieces of you when it’s over.”

And this was what my friend’s mothers told them too. I think the idea of 轰轰烈烈爱一场 is not very popular among the older generation. It seems quite torturous to me to have to withhold your love for someone. How much of it do you keep back? 10%? 20%? And how do you go about keeping it back? Hmm… Is this why girls are more proned to throwing tantrums? Because it is our way of not giving our all? Nah, I think it’s still the PMS at work. :P

On the other hand, this advice makes sense. It allows you some (imagined) control over things. And it’s also good for the other party such that you do not smother him with so much love such that you become a drag. Hate is the flipped side of love. So it’s safer for him too if you guys should break up.

But someday in my life, I think it would be great to look back and see that I have 轰轰烈烈的爱过. Hahaha… Humans are such contradictory creatures. Maybe my friend’s idea is better: if you like him, just like him.

Ahhh… Sweet, simple and suicidal.

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