Sunday, May 01, 2005

Happy Foot's Story Part I

One day, Happy Foot was very glad to finally get a rest. She has had a long day walking around during the sales.

Happy Foot

Then something she had never seen came into her view, disrupting her rest. What was it?


It was angry plaster! And he had a mask with him!

Angry Plaster with his mask

To Happy Foot's horror, Angry Plaster started wearing his mask. What does he want?

Angry Plaster conjured up a hand and started wearing his mask

With his mask in place, Angry Plaster approached a very frightened Happy Foot...

Poor Happy Foot

And attached himself to her!


Poor Happy Foot was trembling in fear. Happy Sole came along and tried to pacify her, "Things will be better in the morning! Why don't you take a rest and when you wake up, you will know this is all just a bad dream. I'll be here all night taking sweet loving care of you. There there."

Nice Happy Sole

Taking Happy Sole's advice, Happy Foot tried to fall asleep. Happy Sole kept to her words and accompanied her.

Happies tried to sleep

Will Angry Plaster leave Happy Foot?
Or will Happy Foot be forever stucked with Angry Plaster?
What will happened to them both?
Stay tuned for "Happy Foot's Story Part II"!


J Schnorng said...

for some strange reason, this is fantastic.

Adrian said...

Wow. *proud*

jllt said...

j: Eh... foot fetish? Heh heh..

adrian: Yeah. I'm pretty wow. (:

Ivan said...

Words fail me.

jllt said...

Heh heh! I power! Can render people speechless!

Injenue said...

nice feet.

jllt said...

Heh heh... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Whoo-Hoo! VERY sexy footsies! Thanks for sharing... and call me if you ever have another boo-boo so I can make it all better with a kiss! (from a bashfull fan who's not as perverted as it may sound!)