Friday, May 27, 2005

Weird weird web

The Internet is a very interesting place! I was surfing around, typing in keywords that come to my mind and had some rather odd findings:

1. Latino @
Why do latinos need a separate section for themselves on What is the rationale behind this (il)logic?


So you click and you realized that it changes the displayed language. Great! But why at the bottom of the sidebar where one can hardly see it (unless one is a woman or a kid)?

2. The invisible Victoria's Secret foot
Victoria's Secret is a place where you are tempted to get almost everything because of the figures of the damn models. You think the same top will look at good on everyone else? Think again. And it is home to the invisible foot:

Footwear of the moment: Espadrilles

Where's the foot to the beige wedge?

3. Women wanted for online dating (Sarcastic ones need not apply)
1match1 is a great place to meet singles! But they have a problem: men outnumber by women 3 to 1. So more women should join in the fun. However, the male members have stated their preferences:

Long hair on a woman
No. 1 turn-off

LOCAL MEN DO NOT LIKE SARCASTIC WOMEN! Can you believe it?!?!?! I love sarcasm! It helps you keep your wits about you and it's fun to duel with words. Why are sarcastic women not welcome?!

What is the big deal about long hair? Everyone can have it. If the men like it, they can also grow some themselves and stroke it all day long!

Way weird!


Injenue said...

sarcasm is ok if moderately and well done. if used in excess, it sucks no matter your gender. and i like long hair because they're like reins....

jllt said...

No wonder girlfriends are called "ma zi".

Sheena said...

Men don't like sarcastic girls because (1) it shows the girl is smart and witty, and smarter and wittier than they are; and (2) men have enormous egos and they can't bear to think that their women are brainier than them.

jllt said...

Ah! But the smart woman always knows to make her man thinks he has won. (:

Adrian said...

Yes, women should be seen and not heard. >=)

jllt said...

Hmm... You should date a mute then?

Soli Loquy said...

half an hour to ur birthday!! hehe i bet ur out clubbing somewhere~~ happy birthdaY!!! i dont hope u have a great day. i KNOW u'll have one so i'll save d hope for somethin else instead. an extremely good birthday blog! hahahaha!

YellowPony said...

Happy Birthday!

The End.

jllt said...

cheneille: Heh heh... Thanks a lot! I'm not out clubbing though. Probably on ladies night!

yellowpony: Appreciated! The end.