Saturday, May 14, 2005

What exams does to you (Of birds, male strippers and stilettoes)

Of birds:
Please turn on your speakers to listen to the sounds I hear at the time I sleep during exams.

Yes. I sleep in the morning when the birds are out to catch worms. I realize most birds have a sense of rhythm. They chirp at (almost) regular beats. Will make good clocks too because they start at 6AM daily.


Of male strippers:
A conversation between a female friend and myself.

Friend (F): this saturday my friend jio me go see strip club
F: of guys
F: wahahhaa
F: i want to go... but no time

Me (M): as in guys stripping? haha
M: will b interesting
F: YESH! u will never get to see it in Singapore lor
F: i tell u hor... u go queensland muz watch... wahahahaha

M (ever concern about the wallet, or rather in keeping the hole small): cheap?
F: i think 15 or what lah... anyway i describes perth's one.. u describe queensland's one... see gt any geographical difference between the guys
F: ops..i think i gone gugu

M: haha.. bigger down there and more flaccid?
M: i wonder u go see strip club theirs will be standing or sleeping... if sleeping like no kick

I think we both need a doctor. Yum...


Of stilettoes
Somehow, prancing around the room in new stilettoes can actually help you achieve a zen-like state. You are caught in the flow of balancing on 4" stilts and your mind is cleared of all distractions. The act soon becomes autotelic and you almost forget you have exams. Well, almost... Yeah, guys must be scratching their heads now. It's a girl thing. I have friends asking me why girls need so many pairs of shoes when they only have one pair of feet. It's inherent, darling.

French pedicure rules! Someone once told me it reminded him of porn stars. +_+

Dark polishes hide the dirt under your toe nails!


Adrian said...

None of the male strippers can compare to this.

jllt said...

Must be quite hard to dance with that. The doctor looks better.

dweam said...

haha i think the first pair is niceeee! i love the nails too! ;) where'd u get them done?

starstar said...

i like the first pair too ^^"
think she does them herself? she always comes to class with nicely manicured nails :D~

jllt said...

Haha.. Both are DIY. If you hiao enough, will not be a problem. Muahahahaha...

littleboyken said...

Hi Liting, came over here from Alicia's blog. saw your blog being mentioned on Sunday Times. Cool! Hmm, becoming a mini celebrity liao wor. Haha. Congrats.

jllt said...

Huh! My blog mentioned? +_+ Enjoy your crappy stay here.. Lol...

Sheena said...

DIY pedicure also can look so good?! Tell you what, if I pay you will you do a pedicure for me? I'll make sure I don't wash my feet. =D

jllt said...

Hahaha.. I think the pro can do it better. I can't do it perfectly everytime.

Jin said...

Nice feet, girl. If only! =(