Saturday, May 07, 2005

Read my lips

Never quite knew if she's giving you the "ok" sign? No worries, mate! Today, we will focus on lips. Those on the face that is. What about the lips you say? Plenty! One can easier tell if a girl is interested from her lips. What are the "yes" lips and what are the "no" lips? What lips are telling you "Hmmmmm..."? Let me have a quick run-down on some of the most common types...

(In increasing intensity of NoNess)

N1. The Shh

The Shh

First sign of trouble. Shut your trap and moonwalk away. While you still can look suave and all.

N2. The Poo

The Poo

Sorry dude. You're still boring as hell. The Poo means she's trying very hard not to let her irritation show. Better exit before she pours her lychee martini at you.

N3. The Press

The Press

She's saying you're getting on her nerves. The Press never lies. She's probably ready to bash you up.

N4. The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line

Slightly different from N3. but the difference is between life and death. She will bash you up. Too late to run now. See! Never listen to my advice in N1.

(In decreasing intensity of MaybeNess)

M1. The Bite

The Bite

She's a little unsure. You are standing on the border here. Definitely a no-no time for cheesy pick-up lines. Make a monkey face and you can upgrade to a Yes lips.

M2. The Fake

The Fake

Identify this by the corners of the mouth. Are the dents there deeper than in a normal, sincere smile? In that case, you have The Fake. Again, use monkey face to come to the rescue.

(In increasing intensity of YesNess)

Y1. The Smile

The Smile

Note the more shallow dents at the corners of the mouth and the presence of teeth. This is how you can differentiate The Smile from The Fake. She's warming up. Good job, Ace.

Y2. The Pout

The Pout

The Pout signifies the time when she's starting to think that making out will not be such a bad idea after all. Work that charm!

Y3. The Open

The Open

Ah ha! She's officially open to your suggestions now! But keep it simple first. You don't want to scare her off right?

Y4. The Tip

The Tip

Touching the tip of her tongue with her lips/teeth is very good progress for you indeed! She will probably make the suggestion first. Or maybe she'll just go straight for the kill.

Y5. The Slide

The Slide

Definitely a come-hither! Since she's already at this stage, let her make the move yeah? Will be a good time to pop the mint.

Y6. The Lippy

The Lippy

She's getting ready to pucker up. Anytime now.

Y7. The Pucker

The Pucker

*Smooch smooch*

The Uh-oh

The Uh-oh

Hello mister! You used your tongue and passed drool is it? Cannot save you already!


Adrian said...

Hmm, I must say I've never noticed any of that before. Usually, I just go hey nice tits, wana fuck?

Just kidding.

jllt said...

No one cares about lips! *gasp*

dweam said...

haha.. it's probably too dark to notice the lips.. unless you put really shiny lip gloss with blinking lights or something. LOL. but i like your post there.. haha..

jllt said...

I think I'll put glow in the dark lippy. Or at least outline lips in that. Make it obvious.... muahahahahah

dweam said...

haha.. glow in the dark looks kinda scary.

Injenue said...

so when are we moving on to other body parts? *grin*

jllt said...

dweam: Hahaha... Make it obvious not all girls club to get hooked up with someone.

ingenue: Like? Boobs don't move right? Hahahaha...