Sunday, May 22, 2005

GSS Special I - Preparations

It's nearly the end of May! And why does it merit a post? Not only is it my birthday, it is also the time when we get ready for some very serious shopping! It is the Great Singapore Sales!

In view of this important annual event, I thought to myself: Hey! It will be bloody cool to blog about GSS! It will draw many people to my blog and I can get famous! Right... Anyway, in Part One of this 5-part special (because there are 5 days to the official GSS opening!), we should start off with the basics: The pre-shopping preparations.

Someone told me I blog too much about shoes. I cannot help it! It's a girl thing! Ok, it's my thing. Anyway, you know you are probably going to shop for the whole of two months so that calls for some serious planning right? Do you think you can manage hurrying from one sale to another on stilts however gorgeous they might be?

Nine West: Maybe better as something to buy during the sales.

Then some may opt for flip-flops. But flip-flops seldom match with all the clothes we get during sales, unless the only things we are planning to get are beachwear or we are just going for the hippy/boho look. Otherwise, it is very hard to know whether we should buy a pair of black pants when we "match" them with our oh-so-comfy flips.

Roxy: Save them for the day at Sentosa.

So, the next best thing would be a pair of flat, rounded pumps! Sandals will be great as well though rushing from sale to sale would probably mean that our pretty toes will get stampeded on. Shit! My pedicure got chipped! *!&$8@%#$!!

X:odus: Support local brands.

Our clothes are our armors against other ardent shoppers. Besides wearing durian shells to be able to zoom in quickly on must-buys, we should also stop showering from today onwards. If the shells do not work, at least our accumulated sweat will ward cool-gets snatchers off.

It might be a good idea to wear shirts or tops with wide collars so we can easily slip them off without messing up the hair and/or makeup.

Raoul: I'm only putting this here to show you the fine shirt. Nothing to do with the beautiful model.

Mango: Wide-collared tops do not have to look boring. For some of the best sales.

The bottom should be cropped pants.

Abercrombie & Fitch: For girly gets.

Why? Jeans are too hot. If it rains, it will remain wet and make it too uncomfortable to continue shopping. Skirts are too restricting on our pace. How to get from Sale A to Sale B in a minute if those minis don't allow us to walk as fast as we could have?

If you have great skin (Pui! Go away. Don't talk to me.), a simple lip gloss and blush will do. Or just a touch of concealer. Not very good to wear mascara that might run or bright lippies that might dirty the clothes while trying them. If foundation is a must, then not around the jaw or neck. We wouldn't want the sales assistants to have any excuse to make us buy the stained clothing right?

M.A.C: Lipglass in a spectrum of colors. Yum!

For hair, we are lucky this season because the messy look is in. So we don't have to style and worry about looking like a siao char bor after an hour in the fitting room. Best to let it loose and no need for ponytails (we all know how ponytails leave an ugly line and force us to tie our hair the whole day so the mark will be less obvious).

Toni&Guy: Let it be dishevelled.

There is no time to waste so we have to plan our tracks well. Cannot backtrack and lose precious minutes. It is also important to know where the great sales are. Some sales sell stuff from more than 2 seasons ago (what a sin!) while others offer discounts for new arrivals. Just because it is GSS doesn't mean we should have to make do with items that are so yesterday!

Itineraries are also important to schedule and plan our feet breaks and drinks replenishments. Mark out the places where you can sit and rest while sipping a quick drink. Again, no backtracking!

The thing everyone wouldn't mind having more of. Some of my friends' wallets suffer serious damages during sales and have to starve for the rest of the month. Basically, there are two main ways to make payments, each with their pros and cons:

1) Nets, debit cards and cash
Pros: These are those that set a lower limit on our spendings. Nets and debit both depends on the amount we have in our bank accounts. Might be advisable to have a spending account that is separate from the savings account. Cash can be limited by virtue of bringing a fixed amount out.

Cons: Just short of $1 for that gorgeous satin top at 70% off!

2) Credit cards
Pros: Higher limit made available. Lesser problems when we want to get that last piece of lace cami.

Cons: Heart attack when the bill arrives.


So there we have it. The preparations for GSS. Tomorrow, we will look at the aliens of GSS. Stay tuned!


    Adrian said...

    hehehehehe... being a geek, i'd be more excited about computer roadshows.

    Anonymous said...

    its called HOPE THEORY
    this theory says that
    if there sum1 who like u a lot
    but u arent sure...not 100% sure
    if u like him
    or u are just being nice to him becoz he's really nice to u
    and u don want to tell him the truth
    becoz it will break his
    in fact , u are giving him false hope
    false hope that u will one day accept him
    but actually u will NEVER accept him
    so he everyday HOPE n HOPE
    and as the days go by
    his love will deeepen
    and as u drag it longer
    the hurt will become greater
    so , if u dont think he has a slightest chance
    don give him hope
    u will only hurt him more n the end
    thats HOPE THEORY

    starstar said...


    more, more!

    Anonymous said...

    funny! nice place. and congratulations on the feature in the Straits Times, I came across the article =)

    jllt said...

    adrian: I guess there will be some of that during the GSS. Then I can go take a look and blog about GSS from another perspective.

    yx: Ermmm... I hope that you are not being treated like that by some girl then.

    starstar: Heh heh... Thanks! Will have at least 4 more on GSS! (:

    gwen!: Thanks alot! (:

    Anonymous said...

    eh, is there any place in singapore that sells abercrombie? how come i cant find? *grumble

    anyway. i love your poop. :D

    jllt said...

    Thanks! I think some people sell them on Yahoo! Auctions but authenticity I am not very sure. I have asked a friend who gets A&F stuff and he said it is authentic just that he got them from the manufacturers in Macau. Can always get from the site itself. :D

    glitter said...

    what about MAC makeup? are they only found in orchard or something, cause i seldom go there. I like their lipgloss alot too! =D

    jllt said...

    MAC as far as I know have 5 outlets: Tangs, DFS (Orchard), Isetan (Lido), DFS (Changi Airport) and Robinsons (Raffles City). (:

    I don't really like gloss cos I don't tie my hair and if the wind blows, I'll be eating my hair.