Sunday, May 29, 2005

Happy birthday to me!

OoOooOoOoOOoo!!! I is a happie girl! It's my birthday and I had a great time. Firstly, thank yous are in order:

Mama and Papa
My wonderful mother who has painstakingly planned the BBQ with me and has to lug home many many kilograms of food from the market (although I did carry most of the stuff, mama did the ordering). Then the preparations for all those cooked food and the barbecuing on the actual day. A* mama!

My daddy for providing the dough and driving. Heh heh. And despite some problems with his ankle, he helped to carry the food and drinks too! The salmon was grilled to perfection all thanks to master chef here!

My Guy
Dear Mr Don AQ came along despite his intense dislike for BBQ. Of course, he lent a helping hand with the logistics and spent some minutes at the pit. A* for showing up already!

My Youngest Brother
Remember all the wonderful sambal stinggray you ate? He's the one who helped to pack them. And the sotongs too! Then he carried the stuff from my house to dad's car and very willingly dragged two bottles of wine to the pit later. Xie xie ni!

My Uncles, Aunties and Cousins
Uncle Herman, Aunt Swee Hua, Uncle Richard, Cousin Edward, Cousin Edwin and Cousin Amos! I was glad you all made it! Special thanks to Aunt Swee Hua for helping with the food and Cousin Amos for providing some candid entertainment.

Although Aunt Susan and Cousin Shiri could not make it, I had to say I really like the presents! Reminds me of the holiday in Australia. (:

My Friends

The Secondary School Gang
Long live 4E5! Those who came gets my stamp of approval! Though there were not many of us, it was great to still be able to crap like we did 7 years ago. Thanks to J.T, Huizhong, Kelvin, Lidan, Raymond and his girlfriend Linda! Non-stop bitching for 5 hours was fantastic man!

You guys were excellent in giving me what I want for my birthday! To those who cannot make it, get lost! :D Heh heh... But glad you all (S.J and W.Q (from Perth!), Gavin, Kairen, Doralee, Peiying, Jonathon, Sharon) sent me messages with birthday wishes!

The JC/University Group
Very little wor! But then I only invited friends not acquaintances. Tee hee hee... I love the big red bag I received from Huimin, Beishan and Hoilan. Mama mentioned that it looked like a flower pot so I think I shall go and buy a big stalk of flower and permanently sew it onto the bag.
Despite not being able to make it for the BBQ, the very nice Alicia made sure her present did. Thanks gal!

Gerald and Joel
Brothers who don't look alike to me! Great of you to turn up. Hope both of you enjoyed the food at least!

My Brother's Friends
Although I don't know any of your names and it is highly unlikely that you will read my blog, thanks nevertheless. I get very depressed when I think of how young you guys are compared to the antique me. Haiz...

Blogging Well-wishers

Who made me a very cute poop!

Smiling crap rawks!

I've got an interesting fan! And I still don't know if you're a guy or a gal! Very much appreciated!

"haha happy birthday girl! unfortunately i dont have $$ to give u. monopoly can? been working myself silly to get the exact same present for myself and landed myself in this state *sniffles* hee.

have a wonderful birthday! *hugs*"

Heavenly Sword
"Happy Birthday, jllt! I'm so sorry that my briefcase with the $200K was stolen....Hope you don't mind :)"

"half an hour to ur birthday!! hehe i bet ur out clubbing somewhere~~ happy birthdaY!!! i dont hope u have a great day. i KNOW u'll have one so i'll save d hope for somethin else instead. an extremely good birthday blog! hahahaha!

"Happy Birthday!

The End."


I am 22! Yikes! Although some people think you must have a super big group of people to have a smashing party, I think what matters most was that I had great company from my small cliques.

So my birthday eve was spent barbecuing on a beautiful day and the earlier part of the big day itself was at Changi Airport's Starbucks gossiping and bitching about this and that with my secondary school gang. For 5 hours with nary a break!

I did not have any cake on my birthday because the aim was just to have a gathering of sorts. So, cake wasn't an essential but I bought myself one at Starbucks anyway.

I'm not hua chi; the sunflower is there to cover the face of some stranger who tried to steal my thunder.

Yes, I bought ONE slice. So I had to attack it before my friends did.

The birthday was spent recuperating from the 5-hour bitching session and lazing around with the great Don was the crème de la crème of idling.


Things to do for your birthday

1. Find out about birthday discounts
It only come once a year and you should pamper yourself! Many places gives privileges or freebies so long as you show them your ICs. I went for a manicure and pedicure at Voxy which offers 50% discount for birthday babies! ¼ of the result:

The French Manicure a.k.a The Porn Star Manicure

If you are a member of some shop, they will most probably send you some discount coupons (and/or useless computerized cards) in your mailbox so keep a lookout for them! I even received an SMS from MacDonald's (because my mother signed my EZ Link up for the points thingy) wishing me happy birthday!

2. Make resolutions
I always find excuses to make resolutions (so I will be filled with a sense of purpose. Whether I stick to them or not is another matter) and I think birthdays are wonderful for that. We look back at the year past and think about how to make our lives better. My resolutions are:

  • Spend less on shoes and bags
  • Pack my sty
  • Sleep before midnight (I'll start tomorrow k?)
  • Be less sarcastic so I will be more appealing to local boys
  • Stop bitching and crapping about everything

  • 3. Kowtow to your parents
    If you do not have parents who deserve this, please skip it. For others who have supportive parent(s), don't be an ass and forget about your mum and/or dad on your birthday. I learnt of someone who asked her parents to get her diamond earrings for her 21st birthday and yet did not invite any of her family members to her birthday party. Diamonds? I stone you more likely.


    Adrian said...

    Heheh, glad you enjoyed yourself, babe. :)

    Anonymous said...

    happy birthday!
    erm... i'm a girl. :D

    man... i want grilled salmon!

    ei|een said...

    oops. i think i'm one day late, but still.. happy birthday girl!

    sounds like you had a blast. good for you! :)

    Ivan said...

    0_o Dang. Been working non-stop for the past 3 days. Now I remember what I missed.

    Happy belated birthday. =)

    Injenue said...

    yep the food was good. to all of you who missed it? nah nah ni boo boo... and yeah thanks for the invite =) oh and donaq, paiseh i came late and never bring my blades LOL dun sore lar!

    jllt said...

    adrian: Thanks for your company!

    giraffes: Ooooo! Grilled salmon is nice though what I had was the head which some of my friends hated.

    ei|een: It was a blast! Appreciate the late wishes!

    hai~ren: Get to work is good. At least will be richer than me! Hahaha...

    injenue: Next time you organize I help you with food also la! Most sambal stingray!

    Injenue said...

    yeah i think i'd just hire you to fix up the bbq lol..

    dweam said...

    hee! so pai seh! u post my msg! *blush* nice mani! i want! how much after the discount? hee.. i give those chocolate gold bars can? hee.. chocolate is gewd! =P

    jllt said...

    injenue: Sure! If you can afford the rates.

    dweam: Haha... Godiva chocolate I don't mind. Ritter Sports will do as well. :D

    Royalette said...

    prettayee. :) just a passerby saying hi.

    jllt said...

    Hi to you too!

    starstar said...

    happy happy belated birthday!

    sorry was away in malaysia, need any pirated dvds? ;D

    jllt said...

    Thanks girl! Happy birthday to you too!

    Soli Loquy said...

    wahhh good birthday blog indeed!! hehehe (no no of coz i don't mean d part about me getting mentioned...) n yes i feel like stoning ms want diamonds dowan parents girl.

    jllt said...

    Yeah... Those who are not filial when their parents have been good to them deserved to be stoned.

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