Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A little conversation

The same three girls were talking about another girl.

Girl 1: I think she's pretty!
Girl 2 to Girl 3: Hey! Girl 1 says that girl is pretty. You know, the one you said look like the actress?
Girl 3: Oh! Yah, I think she's pretty. (to Girl 1) Don't you think she looks like that actress?
Girl 1: Not say don't look like la!
Girl 3: Ask Guy what he thinks!
Girl 1: Hey Guy! What do you think of that girl?

Guy: I don't know her.


Anonymous said...

the conclusion of the two story is:
the three gals are very 38, dunno gor for the class or discussing abt other gals..muahahahaha :)

jllt said...

Ya.. The three girls very 38 and the guy very clueless. Muahahahaha

Adrian said...

As before.

jllt said...

As before