Monday, August 21, 2006


"Don't buy the fat, rounded pen! Slimmer pens are better!"

Mum once said that to me. At that time, I wondered why. Slim pens are hard to hold. My nails would dig into the flesh of my palm. Not exactly a pain-free experience.

I realised that my fingers sometimes seem too long that I need to twist them weirdly around pens and chopsticks.

More than one claw here! The uncooked one looks more awkward.

Maybe I'm just imagining that I have long fingers. Any finger that does its work is a good finger. Which finger do you think is the most important? Index finger to point and laugh, middle finger to point and get bashed, ring finger to wear a ring (duh), pinkie to dig nose and ears, and thumb to show appreciation.

They are all useful it seems.

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