Monday, August 28, 2006

Say, what?!

Some girls were commenting on another girl.

Girl 1: Do you think she's really that cute?
Girl 2: I think she's just pretending all sweet and nice. And she thinks she's really cute. How irritating!
Girl 3: I thought she's naturally like that?
Girl 1: Did you see how she prance around? And putting her fingers over the mouth and widening her eyes to look innocently at others! PLUUUEEEAAASSEEE!!! If that's natural, I don't want to see her really act.
Girl 2: Indeed. I can't stand that way she speaks too. The high pitch voice that drags out syllables. What's her problem?
Girl 1: Hey, Boy! What do you think of the girl we are talking about?

Boy: I think she's too skinny.


Anonymous said...

hey,looks familliar,seems like i heard before...haha:)
Are girls too complicated or guys are too......???? ;)

p/s: i can't stop laughing after i see this...hahaha

jllt said...

I'm wondering too. I think guys are not complicated at all. It's the face or the figure. Hahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

that's funny..
am i gril two?

jllt said...

It's just loosely based on our conversation because the main thing was what the guy said!

Adrian said...

How Girls Waste Time

"42. Obsessing over trivialities (and getting angry over minor perceived transgressions) / being overly sensitive or petty (eg girls having a spat amongst themselves about how they shouldn't be friends because so-and-so didn't give so-and-so a Valentine's Day present)"

"64. Complaining about guys and expecting them to be as screwed up as they are"

"111. Analysing and cross-analysing in excruciating detail the words and actions of others, often reading into them implicit meanings that don't actually exist, and seeing daggers where there are none (which explains why girls like to do Literature)"

"128. Backstabbing other girls and then later complaining that they hate backstabbers."

"129. Holding grudges against other girls for half their lifetimes over petty issues like forgetting to flush the toilet; women are like elephants - they never forget"

It's not that we're simple. It's just that the subject of whether someone is deliberately or inadvertently "acting cute" isn't exactly the latest advance in rocket science.

jllt said...

It's just gossip. Not all conversations need to be about rocket science.