Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Idiot-Proofed Recipe - Faux Shark's Fins Soup

It's been so long since I last provided my idiot-proofed recipes. I have neglected you, my poor fans' stomachs! Please forgive me!

Today's recipe is too easy. It prompted one of my housemates, after eating it for the nth time, to exclaim "Wow! You never fail hor!". This is a good substitute for those who rather not be cruel and eat the real thing. Ladies and gentlemen, faux shark's fins soup!

*** Ingredients

Looks complicated but it's really easy to make! Ingredients can be found everywhere too!

- 1 egg
- 1 chicken breast
- 1 small packet glass noodles (aka "dang hoon")
- Crabsticks and prawns (o), diced
- 1 packet/can of straw mushrooms (o), cut to about 1 inch long
- 3-4 chinese mushrooms, soaked and sliced
- Shredded carrot
- Water
- Fish sauce
- Oyster sauce
- Corn starch

(o) denotes optional ingredients

*** Dumping Everything Together

- Dump the chicken into a pot of boiling water. Boil until it gets cooked.

Can use the steam to steam your face. Easier to squeeze blackheads later. Muahahahaha!!!

- Put the glass noodles into the bowl.

Remember to remove the string that ties it together. Unless you like the taste in which case I shall not be responsible if you get hospitalised after trying this recipe. Wait! I am not responsible even if you remove the string and still get hospitalised.

- Pour boiling water into the bowl to cook the noodles. Drain the water and cut the noodles 4-5 times with the scissors.

- Remove the chicken lumps from the pot. Keep the liquid in the pot.

Spot the chicken kidney!

- Allow the lumps to cool before shredding.

- Add glass noodles to the pot of chicken stock.

The chicken lumps should already be cooling in a bowl, not still boiling in the pot. Hmmm...

- Throw in the seafood and straw mushrooms.

Expensive dish! You can omit the prawns if you want to.

-Throw in the chinese mushrooms, shredded carrot, and shredded chicken.

After this the carrot will turn the soup orange but do not panic. By the way, I read that too much carrot is not good for pregnant women. Got to take care of the lump!

- Season the stock with oyster sauce and fish sauce.

This is the hard part. You need to taste the soup to determine how much to add for each. I cannot tell you the quantity because like most great chefs, I use my perfect estimation. :P

- After everything is boiled and cooked, add about a tablespoon of corn starch into a bowl and mix with water. Stir to dissolve lumps.

- Pouring slowly, add the corn starch mixture to the soup in the pot, stirring as you go. This thickens the soup, giving it the perfect imitation look.

- Beat the egg in a bowl.

- Pour about half the egg into the pot and allow to sit on the surface of the soup for 30 seconds. Do not stir! I did this the first time I cooked this and it tasted like egg soup. You don't want the cheapest ingredient to be the center of the taste!

- Repeat with the remaining half of the egg. After 30 seconds, stir the soup to spread the egg.

- Take out a huge bowl because you are going to need it.

*** Ta-da!!!

Enjoy the goodness of shark's fins soup without the shark bleeding to death!

Super nice, can?!?!?!


Unknown said...

I'm reading ure blog as I eat ta-pao-ed ban3 mian4, and I must say ure soup looks infinitely nicer!

jllt said...

Ban mian can da bao meh?! Pong pong already!

Coincidentally, my next idiot-proofed recipe will be that! We just made that on Sat. Stay tuned!