Sunday, August 20, 2006

The empty club and the new motorhome

Ah, clubbing. Do you like clubs that are full and happening, or empty and unhappening? I like the latter. A club that looks like this

Suits me fine!

What do you think contributes to an enjoyable clubbing experience?
a) Crowd
b) Company
c) Music
d) Ambience
e) "Cool" factor of the club
f) Mood
g) Cheap booze
h) Availability of potential eye-candy

I think Mood is most important. If not in the mood, all the other factors doesn't matter at all right! If in the right mood, go to an empty club also can have lots of fun! In fact, empty clubs are the best! You get all the space without having the elbow anyone. Twirling, skipping, hopping, jumping, running, giggling, waving your arms like a mad woman - all with nary a care of causing serious groin injuries to others!

After our empty club clubbing experience, where we saw a guy trying very hard to look cool while prancing around a girl and gyrating wildly, sweating buckets in his suit (who wears a jacket to club throughout anyway!), we went home in a cab to find the true meaning of "moving house".

1am is so not the time to travel in a cab.

As the house moved, our cab fare moved faster.

Cabbie told us that this project would cost $30k. We wondered very long why somebody would want to move house, literally. Hmmm...

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