Monday, July 17, 2006

Sydney 2006 - Day 1 (290606)

Wooo!!! I'm back! After one tour to Sydney and one road trip to the nearby Currumbin (yes, it's Currumbin, not Caribbean), I am officially getting the travelling flu! With a stuffy nose and an itchy throat, I now bring to you our Sydney trip 2006! Rock on!!! *contorts fingers to do the peace sign*


We got into a maxi cab to depart for Brisbane domestic airport at 8am. Gosh! I don't think I got much sleep. Very exciting to do last minute packing. That's me. Last minute packing rocks.

Check out the eyebags

Before I left, I was bombarded with all kinds of horror stories about the weather in Sydney. 'It will be cold!', 'I got the worst flu in my life!', 'It rained the whole time while we were there! I mean it really poured!', and 'We had to drive in a thick fog with 0 visibility at 100km/h!'. Alright, so there was no driving for us. Nevertheless, it made Sydney out to be the destination from hell (hmm.. but hell is hot right?).

But when we landed in Sydney after our 1.5hr flight, it was bright and sunny. No wonder my English lecturer once remarked, 'This is what you Australians jokingly call winter!'. Not cold at all.

After checking into our hotel in Chinatown, we had to rush for food. Domestic flights don't serve no meals. Pay if you want food. We headed for a Taiwanese eatery nearby where I slurped some msg-flavoured beef noodles and proceeded to pour soy bean milk all over the table. Cool, totally cool. They served a sucky 葱油饼 too. Terrible. I think I'm biased because the service there sucked. Pui!

But I was there to be HAPPY, so I didn't let it bug me. Of course, on the top of our list is to shop! Since we just arrived, we should take a leisurely walk around the city to get our bearings. We headed off with barely a glance at the map. In the wrong direction, as you can guess. After walking for 20 minutes and seeing the streets getting more and more empty, we finally realised we were not heading for the city. It's ok! We are adventurous! Let's just continue to err! We still have 5.5 more days in front of us! :D

Along the way, we just stopped at any place we thought was interesting, including University of Technology, Sydney and this place called The Quadrant. We also took pictures with street signs (Wentworth Park, Valentine St, etc) just for kicks. We were 4 very bored girls.

The guy at the back must be wondering what's the appeal of UTS along Broadway. We wondered that too a few days later when we realised we were staying right next to a lovelier UTS campus.

Got into Broadway Shopping Center. It was amazing. One big sports outlet. Then the 2nd level was just a pharmacy and some clinics. SHOCK SHOCK HORROR HORROR, SHOCK SHOCK HORROR!!! Haha... We got in through the wrong entrance la. Shopping's at the other side. But disappointing. All the shops same as those in Brisbane. Luckily, I didn't plan this as a shopping trip, like someone else did *wink wink... you know who you are*. We briefly contemplated going to Coles, the supermarket, to get some shopping. (Don't knock Coles. You can actually get nice clothing and accessories there!). But we realise that the day is still young; we still have a chance to get some decent shopping to break the egg.

Decided we had enough of Broadway, so we walked all the way back in the opposite direction to what was hopefully the city. We struck gold. We found a mall! But alas! All the same shops as those in Brisbane too. No matter, for it's good to see the city at night when it was turning dark. Sydney is like a darker Brisbane. I once read a comment that all the major cities in the world (Paris, New York, London etc) are actually very gloomy-looking during the day because they are old and the history-rich buildings are green with mosses, black with dirt or 'fragrant' with decade-old finishings. It's a marked difference from Singapore where we preserve buildings from the 70s. Here, you go to the loo in a building from the 1800s. Really got you thinking why should we preserve buildings that can hardly be considered ancient. But you cannot really compare one country's history with another, can you?

In the mall. The lights on top actually changes colour.

Surprisingly, the person who broke the shopping egg was someone who seldom shops. Damn you!!! :P Finally, JL reached Sydney on her later flight. We met up for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. That was when we decided we wanted to aim for a different cruisine for every meal. Like true tourists, we headed for the restaurant that has the most number of patrons. It also helped that the sign said: Famous Restaurant in Vietnam! But the food was so-so only. Doesn't say much for its sign. Zzzz... Amazingly, a waiter in the shop wore a tee that read: Don't waste my time. 100 marks for attitude, brudder!

When we left the restaurant at 8pm, we were surprised to find the shops still opened. In Australia, most shops close at 5pm daily, except on their late-night shopping days. Apparently, Thursday is d-day in Sydney. But we still haven't found the proper city. Whatever! <-- bitter

More sightseeing was on the list. Time to head to Darling Harbour. It is really pretty at night. Everything looks better in the dark, with pretty lights shining.

Cockle Bay Wharf, where all the fanciful restaurants are. Nice place to chill and have a cuppa. Look pretty and available too! Hahahahahahaha!!!

We were guai lan; wanted to go the other side so we can enjoy the lovely view of Cockle Bay Wharf. So to Harbourside Shopping Mall it was.

Chock Rock cake in my hand. Nothing fantastic, but the spectacular view made up for it. I LOVE THE NIGHT!

Didn't want to get too worked up on the first day. Aarons Hotel was beckoning. Went back and realise truly how close our hotel was to Darling Harbour. Is it any wonder, then, that on subsequent days, we visited Darling Harbour again, again, again, again, again, and again?

In the hotel, lousy K and JY headed straight for bed, living the sole survivors of P, JL and yours truly. Daidee time! But we were nice ok! We were making tea/coffee. And we prodded JY out of bed to ask her whether she wanted any. She wasn't very appreciative though. I wonder why. Hmm...

P: Hey JY! You want to drink anything?
JY: No, thanks!

*2 minutes later, when the water started boiling*

Me: Hey JY! Coffee or tea for you?
JY: It's alright! I just want to sleep.

*1 minute later, when we were making the beverages*

P and Me: JY, sure you don't want anything?
JY: *grunt*

*30 seconds later*

P: JY! Help us take photos can?

Me: Hmm.. Not very nice the picture... Can take again?
JY: *grumbles grumbles*

So out of the not very nice pictures, we had this as the best. But what more can we ask for with JY being not appreciative of our asking whether she wanted anything to drink? Haiz... :P


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I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!

Vedmak said...

Sydney! I love it so much! In the nights it's even more beautiful…thanks for photos:) I also took lots during my last trip…oh…it was wonderful! I stayed at Sheraton hotel and enjoyed their service and food in restaurant…