Thursday, May 12, 2005

Why (almost) everyone looks good at clubs

Went clubbing last night. Feet hurt like hell (fucking damn boots) so spent some time pondering why everyone around me was looking so ecstatic. Then I realized, everyone probably feel everyone else is looking good. Couple of reasons for this:

1. The lights (or lack of)
There is almost no light to speak of. So everyone looks cool and happening. The lack of light also makes dorks feel that it is safer to act the monkey. Everyone is letting loose and dancing around like mad people, trying to impress others. Some succeed while most fail miserably. But hey! Clubbing is about having fun. All that matters is that you think you rock.
The darkness also makes it easier for you to think that others look better than they actually do. When that happens, it’s not much of a problem getting down and dirty with him/her.

No one will be turning on the lights. So relax!

2. The expectation
Some go with the idea that clubbers are inherently cool. Hell, if you listen in on some teenagers’ conversations, you can gather that they think going to Zouk and going home before midnight is “being funky”. Then, you would imagine that everyone else is as hip as you. Well, they are all at Zouk, aren’t they?

This is what you expect right? Don't bloody lie! Not gonna happen man.

3. The preparation
So, when you expect people to look good, you naturally do not want to lose out right? Then, the contact lens and hair gel make their appearances for guys who usually don't give a fuck. For some gals, there are the customary shopping trips or the numerous mixing and matching of clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, undies to get that perfect outfit. Slap on some war paint and you are ready to PARTY!

Yes! Realize the power of make-up, fools!

4. The booze
At the joint, you hit the bar to get some drinks to loosen up. But oops! A drop too much and everyone appears to be a babe or hunk. Although you might wonder why it is so easy to chat up the “chio bu” or “yandao”, you let it slide because you think you are cool enough in the darkness to attract the good-lookers. After all, you spent the better part of the afternoon spiking your hair or putting on fake lashes didn’t you?

Yes, just a drop too much.

5. The flailing arms
After a drop too much, everyone is also trashing about in the monkey dancing. No one really gives a shit whether they hit anyone (that’s the job of the loyal, sober friend: to apologize). Then you get a whack on your head which is probably good for you because everyone else just looked nicer. Oh… wait a minute… is the room spinning? What’s this coming up my throat?

Woah! Too hot for you to handle?


Adrian said...

Heheh nice post, dear.

Adrian said...

quite true, too

J Schnorng said...

that is the best jackolantern ever. i am totally making one next halloween.

jllt said...

Thanks dear. I always carry out extensive visual research for my posts.

j: I think it can be used to contain puke. Will be useful to put around the house for the party.

dweam said...

hee. where do you find the pictures from?

what's your shoe size? mabbe can sell em to u.. prob wont use it often. bwahahaha.. have u ever worn those 4" ones? gawd they must be high!!

jllt said...

Haha... I just find pics from My feet are a monstrous size 8. Heh heh. But I don't get 2nd hand stuff girl. Thanks for the offer!

4" are fun to play with but a bitch to walk on. Can see the blog on stilettoes. Those are 4" murder tools. +_+

Daniel said...

urgh! what's wrong with that woman's face..

jllt said...

Not pretty meh?