Friday, September 08, 2006

TGIF! ***Updated***

How do you end your week of lessons and work? You do everything on Friday of course!

Every Friday, my partner in crime, P, and I will irritate people at the badminton courts. When you hear the words "badminton courts" you must be thinking: Ah! These girls lead healthy lifestyles!

WRONG! We make a nuisance of ourselves because we scream when we do not get a hit, gossip when we remember something that is oh-so-juicy, shake and squat while trying to hit the shuttlecock, blind others with the flash from our camera (strictly speaking, only this week and only because only three other girls were around; that's a mouthful of "onlys"), and set up such awful nets that they are nauseating to look at.

With facial expressions like this, how can anyone play near us? Ah! But this is an excellent attack tactic.

What happens frequently is picking up the shuttlecock. We spend more time bending than hitting. Good for the asses. WooOooOo!

We stand around more than run about.

Then we sit down and admire our shoes and fingers

Very cheap Adidas! Only $50 I think!

After we sweat it out on the court, we go for latin dance class. Poor dance partners! Because latin dance is a social dance, we frequently switch partners and spread our sweat around. Make sweat not war! Luckily for the class, because we are such poor badminton players, we do not sweat much.

After the class, we sometimes (once) go to the playground to play the see-saw and shriek in pain. Sometimes (once), P has to meet her supervisor. Sometimes (twice), I have to meet mine.

Anyhoo, it always end with us going home for shower and lunch before heading out again to the city. Didn't I say we do EVERYTHING?! So now, I shall go dress up for nobody and go catch the bus! Will finish the TGIF hurray later!!!


Why do we head to the city? To shop of course! Friday is late night shopping day where, instead of closing at 5pm, the shops close at 9pm! Woohoo!!! We like!

Typically, the route we take is as follows:
- Bubble milk tea in the back alley shop
- Valleygirl
- Temt
- Sportsgirl
- Myer Center: Sportsgirl (yes, got to check out all the outlets), Tightrope, Ninewest, Jeans West, Just Jeans, Myer, Diva, Target)
- Supre
- Dotti
- Queen's Plaza: Ninewest, Diva (yes, this outlet too!)

Then after these shops, it almost dinner time. Before dinner, there might be a last minute dash to get the $39.95 top from Sportsgirl that's not exactly value-for-money but it die-die-must-have.

Meals are good for aching feet. With our long but satisfying day, this is about the only time we get to rest. Usually a choice between the average-pricing Japanese/Korean food, Nando's or fastfood. Sometimes we feel like splurging because of an unfruitful shopping trip and will go for the more exotic.

After eating? More shopping of course! Till the shops close! Usually we are quite 'guai' and will go back home. Sometimes (once), we will go to a club to get a drink. Sometimes (today), we will try a new cafe and spot animals in Southbank.

What animal is this?

Made from trash bags wor!

It's a dugong!

Today's cafe is Batavia at Southbank. According to my Javanese friend, A, "Batavia" is the Dutch word for "Jakarta". And the cafe serves the most fascinating drinks! Because you mix them yourself!

It sells Indonesian-themed products too, such as cushions and lampshades.

Why should you mix your own drink? Because you can decide how sweet, milky, thick you want it! Suits everyone!

How to mix your own drink? See the video below!

MAHJONG!!! MAHJONG!!! MAHJONG!!! How not to be excited!!! Except when you're playing with someone who puts out a tile for you to "pong" then says she changes her mind. +_+ Oh well, not playing money can close one eye. Play money I will chop your pinkie!

Many people do not make positive connotations with mahjong. But do you know mahjong can minimise the chances of Alzheimer's disease? Play but don't lose! Lose money will make you die even faster! No money how to eat?

Win like me! Do I look younger than my 18 years?!?!?! :D:D:D


Anonymous said...

I'm still glad though that you enjoy playing badminton. It really is a fun sport and easy to play. :-) Happy playing!

jllt said...

It's fun! Not when you are picking the shuttlecock though. :(