Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Adelaide 2006 - Day 1 (210906)

At the unheard of hour called 5am, I rose from my springy mattress with the perpetual backache. For the first time in 6 months, I saw the sunrise along the river. Woohoo!

Beautiful! River-front living... Get jealous!

The beloved D woke shortly after to drive me to the airport. Awwwwwwwwwww...

That's the smile the says I'M GETTING A FREE RIDE!!!!

I don't like to fly. Especially when the flight is half an hour too long. I didn't know there's a time difference between Adelaide and Brisbane! I sat beside a little girl who seemed super pampered. She has tonnes of colouring books, which doesn't seem to appease her. She also has an attentive mother catering to her every whims.

2 hours later, I stepped into the beautiful but too-far-to-walk-to-the-baggage-claim domestic airport of Adelaide. Ah! The loving arms of fair madame, JY, whose house I will be crashing for the 6 days there. Woohoo! I must be freaking her out with that description of her arms. Hahaha...

So we collected my bags. I had the great foresight of packing my stuff into two sports bags so it's not to heavy to lug up the bus. Bus J1 took us to Adelaide city where I had my first glimpse of its historical buildings. Couple of minutes later, Bus 12-something arrived and we zoomed down The Parade at Norwood to her place nearby. Happening that place because it has shops! SHOPPING!!! Pleasant surprise that because when most people hear "Adelaide", they think vineyards! Me at least. :)

We dropped my bags, patted Cheekie, then wandered along The Parade, looking for a bite. Primo Cafe is a food chain that is common in Adelaide. It sells primarily pasta and pizzas. I ordered a lasagna, which came with a funny garlic bread.

Funny garlic bread

While waiting for the lasagna to arrive, I got all twitchy when I saw how they spelt 'mediterranean' - medditarainian. Oh my! GIVE ME MY LASAGNA TO TAKE MY MIND OFF THE STUPID WORD!!! Didn't really like the food though. Too salty for my liking. Ate about half. Zzzz...

Highly out of character for me because we went back to sleep. Hahaha!!! Decided that I needed to at least make a half-ass effort at taking a pic while on The Parade.

Many of these scattered along the sidewalks to impress you with the history of Norwood.

Our 'nap' turned into a 4-hour siesta. At 6pm, the sun had disappeared and the wind sock was doing a dirty little dance. Brrr... WY, JY's sister, recommended us to eat at Fortuna Court since we wanted some rice. So it was down The Parade again.

Milk sauce vegetable. Interestingly milky.

For desserts, we ate something that is also available in Brisbane.

My passion fruit ice-cream mixed with mango fruit.

Predictably, it got a little cold for us to walk back with the wind sock still continuing its dirty dance. That's Day 1. The rest of the trip is more happening, promise. :)

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