Saturday, September 30, 2006

Adelaide 2006 - Day 4 (240906)

Every night, we keep wondering what to do the next day. Although I am not a beach person ("bitch" is another matter), I thought that since I have visited so many beaches in Australia, I might as well see another one in Adelaide. So Glenelg was the beach of choice because it's suitably near to the city.

When I woke up, JY decided that she needed some TLC from her bed. She flopped onto her bed, which I had recently vacated. I decided that Cheekie needed some TLC from me. WY was up and tut-tutted when I told her JY was still in bed. So, she decided that I needed from entertainment from Cheekie.

Boy, was the girl good! Cheekie is the most fantastic dog I have ever met. Not only is she obedient, she can perform a series of mean tricks too. Besides being toilet-trained, she could sit, stand, turn, roll, put out her paw, and even crawl! The paw trick is really something. If she puts out her left paw when you tell her you want her right and you say no, she immediately switches to the other paw. Power! And even when you put the treat in front of her and tells her no, she will not eat, but her eyes can melt your heart! Really something considering she only went for two training. That girl is amazing! Makes you want to get a dog and be all disappointed when you realise there's only one Cheekie.

JY and WY like to keep a running commentary of Cheekie's internal monologue. "This is what I do for food! Come and do your worst!" That's their description when Cheekie does this pose. And their voices rise higher and higher and higher until it becomes just a series of squeals and giggles. Girls! :P

Most people know Melbourne has trams. But Adelaide has its tram too! I think they were considering expanding the tram route, which is hotly debated in the state. Is it a waste of money?

"You can find us in the tram, heading for the beach, yo yo yo."

I have never taken a tram before. It was nothing exceptional except that you get to be in a vehicle that has its own dedicated track. Which was under some construction on the day we took it. So we had to switch to a free shuttle bus that would take us to the beach.

Having never been to Glenelg, JY asked the friendly bus driver to let us know when we should alight. We were supposed to meet WY and C for lunch there. However, we soon realised that we were heading back to where the tram stopped. Gosh! We had gotten lost on a bus! But the kind peh-peh said he would take us right back to the beach. You must understand that it is not because we cannot recognise the beach. Like with many beaches in Australia, there's a bustling shopping area near Glenelg that blocks all sight of the beach from view.

Poor WY and C were famished by the time we got there. And it took quite long for our food to arrive. Considering the quantity of the food, it was expensive. We didn't feel full at all.

Our surf and turf. Wonderful sauce but too little!

After our "snack", JY and I headed for the beach. Bleah! The wind was howling mad and the scenery was quite blah!!!

We got a headache from standing 20 minutes there. Zzzz...

This photo makes it look nicer than it actually was. There were a few guys surfing, but other than that, the beach was empty. The guys though, have very nice asses. :P

Footprints on concrete is the new footprints in sand.

"Why is the wind so strong, mama?" "I don't know but it's messing my hair!"

We went to seek shelter from the wind at a nearby museum. It has a few interesting machines to ask for donations!

This is "The Haunted House". Cute!

By then, it was almost 5pm. We went back in C's car to take a rest before dinner and to feed Cheekie. And ourselves.

Apple chip! So pretty!

With only a miserly meal in our stomachs, a buffet was the ONLY choice.

Korean BBQ! We like!

An uneventful day almost spoilt by the wind. Nevertheless, we got to experience the hospitality of South Australia's bus driver. We like!

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