Saturday, September 30, 2006

Adelaide 2006 - Day 5 (250906)

Today, we had our other half day tour with Enjoy Adelaide. What was good about the deal was that with any purchase of a full day tour, we get $10 off a half day tour. Our half day tour is "Enjoy S.A in half a day".

The truth be told, we went on this tour because we saw the words "free samples of delicious Haigh’s chocolates". They had us at "chocolates". And we got Gayle as our guide! Yay~ Looked forward to her entertaining stories.

The first half of our tour saw us travelling around Adelaide city. We were shown the popular sights such as the Botanic Garden (which we would return to shortly), St Peter Cathedral (which we did not return to), and the Parklands the surround the city. When I saw the park, I thought to myself: If this is in Singapore, it would no longer be a park. Vast open spaces are hard to find in Singapore. In Australia, you have no shortages of locating a park anywhere.

Finally, the stop we had been waiting for: Haigh's Chocolates! We listened to our guide as she showed us the steps involved in making chocolates. Oh my! As soon as we went into the shop, we were in heaven. I think the euphoria switched my mind off. She probably mentioned that chocolates are best stored at temperatures between 13 to 15 degrees. I agree! Chocolates from fridge suck. Plat!

There are a lot of intricate steps involved in making chocolates. At Haigh's, they make all their chocolates by hand, which is why it is more expensive. I even saw chilli chocolate. Hmm... Heard D said that it is surprisingly good. I don't dare to try. Maybe in Melbourne. Anyhoo, we got free samples!

Our tour guide who gave us the samples said I have a beautiful smile. Must be me smiling in anticipation at the free chocolates. Woohoo!

Because we have a full day ahead and the sun was shining brightly, I decided not to get too much chocolates. They have a few outlets in the city anyway. :P

I succumbed to one tiny packet.

The highlight of the day was over too soon. Mount Lofty was our next place to visit.

Enjoy this short clip of Gayle's "Hee-hah"-ness

Although the sun was high up in the sky, it was cold. Brr...

No idea what this stands for, but look at the fluffy clouds in the sky! Happy clouds! On my flight to Adelaide, the girl sitting beside me asked her mother, "What is it like to touch the cloud, mummy?". I imagine you get a handful of vapour. And then you fall to your death.

We took the mini-van to Hahndorf at Adelaide Hills. Beautiful journey because it is spring and the blossoms were blooming.

Water wheel on the way.

Hahndorf is a small German village where the early immigrants settled. If you rather not be restricted in the time you get to spend there, you can reach it through public transport.

The wonderful smell of leather. I tried to look for an old horse shoe for dad but couldn't find it. Any idea where I can get one?

I bought a magnet in this shop. I'm a sucker for souvenirs. x:

According to Gayle, most of the stone houses are the original houses the immigrants built. I assume this is one.

Hand-made knives! Who do you plan to slice today?

The peh-peh outside this tavern urged us to go in to take a look because this is one of the originals.

He must be sad when he realised we couldn't stay for lunch.

Instead, we headed back to the city to drink Wendy's!

I think it's the same Wendy's as the one that makes burger. Anyhoo, I ordered a large cookies and cream shake. Gosh! A meal, a MEAL!

It's strange that I have been to the Botanic Garden in Sydney and Adelaide but not the one here in Brisbane. I must go there before I go back to Singapore. Have a picnic or something! No regrets!

We saw lots of ducks and swans at Adelaide's.

They just came back from the pool. Ready to towel off.

White fluffy clouds again! That way to the wine centre.

They do have closing times, so take note! What's spring without a little flowers, eh?

Girls love roses? I like sunflowers; big and chirpy. But no flowers as gifts for me please. No place to put, cannot keep, and it dies.

Just take pics with them at the International Rose Garden can already.

Australia has many poisonous animals. Don't go sniffing the roses or you might end up with a fat nose from a sting!

Remember the postcard I sent to my housemates? On it was the Bicentennial Conservatory.

It is a greenhouse. Need to pay to go in so the misely me was left outside.

Being the city of churches, you cannot do without this.

No Tom Cruise in sight.

We cruised around the city, wondering what to eat. We thought of curry and were heading for it until we saw Sushi Train. Mmmmmmm! Sold!

This is the best sushi I have ever eaten. Aburi salmon. It is a piece of raw salmon on rice. Mayo is added to the top and the chef used a blowtorch to lightly char the fish. Lastly, a brown sauce was added. Oh my!!!

They have an outlet in Brisbane!!! Yay!!!

When we left the shop too full, we saw the supermodel of dogs.

Check out its long legs! Cheekie would be quite intimidated.

From Chinatown, we walked back to the city to take bus. I realised that in most cities in Australia, Chinatown is just right next to it or in it. The one in Brisbane is really a sorry excuse for a Chinatown although Jackie Chan filmed there before. It is really tiny. My dad was disappointed when he visited it last year. I don't care so long as I get my lovely auntie asking me if I want to refill my soup! Woohoo!

Victoria Square is beautiful at night.

Since it was going to be my last night in Adelaide, I cannot go home too early. But this is Adelaide; there's nothing much to do at night. We decided to head back and go out for desserts later. WY and C were home watching the Australian Idol. Not exactly my favourite show in the world.

We wanted to try Gusto at The Parade for desserts but it didn't have much of a selection. In the end, we went to Primo to find WY and C, who joined us for desserts, with C at the wheel.

Spat's cafe. Sold on its decor, not food, ambience nor service.

Sad desserts. Plum pudding tasted like fruit cake and had JY screaming in pain. Waffle about 6" by 4". Nothing to wow about. Lady who served us appeared pompous and put us under the stairs (WTF?). This is the first time I feel obliged to tell people how negative it all was. Please eat at Freestyle cafe if you're in Brisbane. Best sticky date pudding ever!

Only there for the quaint decor. Otherwise, spit at Spats!

I don't care. I am going to spin a tall tale of a wild night of clubbing with 50 yandaos trying to pick me up. Throw in a couple of chio bu trying to get me into bed too. Blah!

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