Thursday, September 07, 2006

Not a skirt-wearing day

These few days have been nights of little sleep. Mostly spent doing up drafts and drafts of project outline, it was finally time to catch some sleep on the lovely, cooling Wednesday night.

Easing my tired, tired body onto the mattress, covering myself in a warm quilt, I signed contentedly as I waited for la-la land to beckon. As I was moving into Stage 2 of the sleep cycle, a series of BANGS shot through the house. WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!!!111 WE'RE GONNA DIE11!!!! I silently screamed. Sitting up in bed, I looked out the window. Oh wow! The wind was howling mad. Someone must be really angry up there.

Throughout the night, it just howled on and on and on and on and on and on... One of my pet peeves is to be woken up from Stage 2 of sleep. DAMN IT!!! Why is the wind so agitated at the so wrong time? 'Why don't you just close the windows you silly goose?' I hear you ask. Because even after closing the windows, the windows rattled on in their sills!

As the wind ripped through the whole house, I wondered if a river-nami was going to come. If so, what would happen to my housemates whose room is closer to the river? I turned and tossed in bed, waiting for sleep to come but it wasn't even close. The damn windows did not stop their screaming, as the doors joined in the cacophony.

Don't you just hate it when you are trying to sleep for hours and when you next open your eyes, more tired than before you had gone to bed, and see this?

The bright, glaring light! Blinds are not for homes! NO NO NO!!!

In case you think I'm exaggerating on the strength of the wind, read this. Still not convinced? See what happened to my poor friend.

And my poor cup. Either the wind did it, or I am not as popular with my housemates as I think.

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