Saturday, September 09, 2006

El Torito and Spoon Cafe

Who goes to school on a Saturday? Tell me, WHO WHO WHO?!?!?! Me, of course! The hardworking me went to school because I want to lessen my guilt when I eat out tonight! Eat out where? El Torito Mexican Restaurant at West End!

Why El Torito? Because it has a beautiful deco!

The menu! Affordable prices too!

The wall, the wall! We thought the horns would look nicer on our heads but you don’t go around taking people’s stuff from wall to put on your head, do you?

When we cruised past the restaurant on Thursday, the place was packed! Gosh! Following the food theory, which states that the greatness of the food is directly proportional to the size of the crowd, we have to go right? A check online showed that we are on the right track. Great reviews!

I saw this view on Thursday as we zoomed past. I thought they were playing games with the man at the counter being the host. However, it is a cashier! Interesting!

I wonder if they imported the furnishings.

The intricate cuttings on the wall look, erm… complicated. By the time we left, the place was almost full. The owner (at least I think he is) seemed to know many patrons, addressing them by their first names. Cosy, eh?

You should make reservations if you want to go because it is quite a popular spot. Then you can sit down in the comfort of the shop and take cheesy picture with the “Reserved” sign like me!

I don’t have Amex wor! Still reserved?

Since we didn’t know what to eat, we asked for recommendations. Their service was excellent! Very patient in explaining the food to you and telling you what the popular picks are.

We ordered a nachos to share. I think most Australians would be flabbergasted to see us eat because we double, triple, and quadruple dipped.

Nachos! Where’s my cheese! MY CHEESE!

I wondered aloud why some people are so turned off at the thought of sharing food while others are not. D suggested that we would share food with people we know because we know their eating habits and hygiene levels. I think if I know someone who has a penchant for spitting, I am not very likely to share food with them. x: Do you share? Or are you strictly territorial?

We really gave the nachos a dirty image but it was good!

The black stuff is beans. Not bad, not bad but be careful because you tend to fart a lot after eating them. Not good for a first date! Not in the comfort zone yet!

I ordered enchiladas, which is rice and beef topped with melted cheese, tomatoes and sour cream. And beans of course!

Enchiladas! I read that tomatoes are good for preventing cancer. Dig in!

When was the last time you had some romancing going on? Girls dig that at one point or another I suspect. We debated over what constitute romancing. Playing footsie beneath the table? Feeding each other food? Looking deep into his eyes with THE LOOK while eating? Laughing? Putting bits of your food onto his plate? Or just watching him scoff everything down?

Anyhoo, there are many quaint shops in Brisbane (and Australia generally). Explore them and don’t regret!

Bent Books. It has a courtyard at the back and a small back room with other finds.

Do you know if there are any restaurants that operate from home? When I was young, there were hair salons at home. Now, I’m not sure if they are still around. Restaurant I think you need license. Hmm…

Three girls ain’t going to go home without a spot of conversation. Bah! It was so hard to decide on a venue because parking spaces weren’t readily available and we didn’t want to go back to the old haunts. Limited time here mah. Must try as many different places as we can!

At first it was going to be The Gunshop Café, but it looked like most people were having dinner rather than drinking coffee. Then it was going to be this “Red Place” at Southbank, but it was a restaurant & bar. We cruised along and saw another one we wanted to try but no parking spot. So it was going to be Three Monkeys until we saw the big, fat word: CHEESE.

I think I was first attracted by this black board. They probably sell the stuff on the shelves too.

It’s Spoon Deli Café back at West End!

D remarked that the food there smells heavenly too. That is something considering we were all bursting from our Mexican cuisine. Someday we should return to eat a meal!

They have a lot of cakes too but too full to walk over and go see la! Don’t need the extra fats and carbs anyway! x:

“What if” questions are smashing to fill the silence. Here are some you can ask:

- What if your boyfriend has a one night stand while he was drunk?
- What if he was raped?
- Would you stray if someone who is darn cute is interested in you and you reciprocate?
- Would you like to be the first girlfriend of your boyfriend? New “goods” leh! Hahahahahaha!!!
- What language do you pray in? What language to you think in?
- Do you think XXX is pretty? Prettier than ABC?
- Would you confront your boyfriend if you catch him on the streets with another girl, behaving in a couple manner? Do you think you would scream at him? Will you cry?

When all else fail, you can always gossip or bitch about life in general.

“I hate tehing (whining) girls.”
“I don’t like the feeling of being told that ‘you stay under my roof, you better listen to my rules’.”
“I hate tehing (whining) girls.”
“I cannot stand guys with long hair yet I cannot stop staring!”
“I hate tehing (whining) girls.”
“I don’t like to share drinks because it’s like an indirect kiss: saliva to saliva. Yuks!”
“I hate tehing (whining) girls.”
“When I see people standing at their windows, I can’t stop staring.”
“I hate tehing (whining) girls.”
“I think XYZ looks disgusting with her act-cute manner.”
“I hate tehing (whining) girls.”

Or you can discuss your internal monologue.

“I think about things at night. ‘What shall I eat for breakfast tomorrow? What is he doing back home? Does he miss me? Will I get cancer? I am thankful for having the good life I have and being able to go out and eat a nice meal. Is input more important than output? It feels good to eat but it feels good to shit too. But you don’t eat you have nothing to shit. I want to buy that top. Green or pink better? I think there’s no more food in the fridge. I hate that stupid assignment. Was I supposed to be thinking of something? What am I thinking about now? Is there something I should be doing? I want to eat hokkien mee. And mee siam. Do I like Muse more or Garbage? I feel glad to be alive.

Should I drink mocha or hot chocolate?

The mocha not bad but the pink marshmallow not nice. Urgh!

What is this thing in West End? I always call it the “Aeroplane”, but am I right?

Look! There’s light coming out. All your base are belong to us.

Where did she park her car? I hate static shocks.”

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