Monday, October 02, 2006

Adelaide 2006 - Day 6 (260906)

My last night in Adelaide was happening ok! Runty and Woolloo made an appearance!

Supposed to be rabbit but turned cockroach!

Cheekie doing her come-hither pose.

Can you resist not scratching her belly?

A right proper madame she is.

Why she looks so sad here? I swear she loves me!

Last day in Adelaide, we need to make time for last minute shopping right? Today is the mad dash for souvenirs. There's nothing very special in Adelaide, which cannot be found in Brisbane. Or so I thought.

We need to start off the day with a good hearty meal! Dim sum at "Ding Hao".

Do you like your dim sum fried? Or do you like your dim sum fried?

Luckily we went there at about 11am. Because a few minutes later, there was a long queue for table. We ate lots man. The usual "ha gao", "xiu mai", yam puffs, "hum sui kok", "lor mai fan", "char siew bao", "feng zhua", and best of all, MANGO PUDDING!!! I adore mango pudding and the one I had was really good! You can give the bao and xiu mai a miss though.

We hopped over to Central Market next. It sells fresh food that seemed to be cheaper.

Pretty fruits and vegetables. I get real nightmares involving me toppling over everything. Horror, horror!

I was loitering around and then I followed my nose to The Coffee Bean shop! Oh my! I saw chocolate covered coffee beans and thought that would be the perfect gift for PY. And myself! I regret not getting more man! Because we really adore them! I also grabbed a hot chocolate mix for D. It looked suspiciously light so I thought it wouldn't be very chocolatey. Only got one. And guess what?! It's heavenly!!! Deceptive little bugger. Send me more!!! I also saw quite a number of people getting freshly-grounded coffee powder there. Oh my! I want!!!

Today, the sky is very interesting.

Looks like the clouds have been fluffy until someone came along and spread them out.

There is a free bus service that goes around the city of Adelaide. For the past 5 days, we went about on foot because you get to see more that way. Now the tourist mentality kicked in and we hopped onto on of these brightly colours buses to go into the city to take the bus.

It looks just like any other bus on the inside though.

I have conquered the city in terms of shopping. Twice. Nothing terribly exciting. I saw this shop with a very interesting name; Acoustic Stomach. Bought a pouch. The one in The Parade looked like it sells clothes as well, so it was time to go down The Parade! Shopping!!!

Besides, I found the elusive Saint Cinnamon scrolls, which PY absolutely adores. They used to have it in Singapore but that closed down. I just happened to see this one in Adelaide. Alas! The owner, a super nice elderly man said he did not make the rolls today. He told us that he was slowly stopping production because it just wasn't getting popular enough. I felt really sad for him because he was such a generous man. When I told me I was going to get the scrolls for a friend and that I was returning to Brisbane today, he offered to give me a frozen one for free. I wanted to pay him but he was cool about it. He even packed it into a lovely box for me and told me how to heat it up. My heart goes out to him. Hope he will do better selling his ice-cream.

JY! Go to his shop and eat ice-cream everyday!!!

Sadly, I couldn't find anything to buy at The Parade. BLAH! What last-minute shopping?! Couldn't resist trying to act natural for the camera though.

I realise now why my optometrist friend was very shocked when he examined my eyes. My eyeballs are really flat. Almost no curve at all. All this time I have been wearing contacts and I didn't know that I have to get measured for the curvature so I can find a pair of lens that would be more comfortable. Do you know that?

I like this shop from Day 1.

Drive through dry cleaning. Try saying that as fast as you can.

We walked through the drive through. Somebody looks angry!

We didn't forget grabbing Cheekie for our camera-whoring session too. Look! She loves it! She's smiling!

I think Cheekie knew I was going away. Previously, when we left the house, she never tried to follow us. This time however, when I was going to the airport, she stood in between us and the door. Awwwww... JY is probably screaming now when she sees this. "She just wanted to go for a walk!" She's just jealous because Cheekie never greets her when we go home. It's always WY, C, and me who received her attention. :P Cheekie even went out of the house when we opened the door. How can you forget such a fabulous dog? ):

Adelaide Airport is new. The sun is shining, my bags are packed. I hate to fly but I got to go.

We took the bus there.

Even more last minute shopping once I checked in my bag. I wanted to get a product from the Duty-Free shop, but it had a stupid policy; you can only purchase if you are flying international. I mean I understand that it was duty-free, but at least have a sign that says that you can make a purchase only if you are going onto an international flight. Wasted my time for nothing! I spent 15 minutes looking at the thing I wanted to buy! "Honey, I cannot sell you anything." Pui! Don't waste people's time and tell them that earlier!

I was flying by Virgin Blue, which doesn't provide food in the fare. You can purchase food from them though. Just like the budget airlines. I decided that eating on the ground was more fun. But there was nothing much to eat in the airport. Settled from Cibo cafe, which I thought was only available in Adelaide. Saw one here in Brisbane recently. Italian hot chocolate!!! Mmm...

It was time for me to board the plane. We had to say goodbye. Nothing dramatic, just a hug, a pat on the back, and a few well wishes. JY will be lonely without me to explore places with her. Our UQ night escapades were legendary in the house of Campus Lodge. Headed for UQ at 3am to get Coke and chips. Called out to D on our way back and freaked her out. Blinded possums with numerous photos. Climbed onto structures just for that photo that will eventually be blurred because my camera's night mode sucks.

Luckily, the seat beside me on the plane was empty. Time to stretch my legs and start working on my project. My holiday was over!

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