Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I don't understand it myself

I know I have blogged a lot about the idiosyncrasies of girls when it comes to shopping and the things we buy. This is going to be one of 'em posts with many poorly-taken photos to show. After my research for this post, I was perplexed by my findings. While I have narrowed my study to concentrate on one particular aspect, I think the resultant theory can be observed in many instances. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

The Maths of the Earrings

Step 1: 1 pile

Step 2: 1 pile/10 categories

Blues x 6

Blacks x 5

Browns x 5

Golds x 5

Greens x 3

Purples x 7

Reds x 6

Whites x 6

Multicolored x 3

Silver x 15

Step 3: Total = 56

Step 4: Those frequently in use = 9

The Chandelier

The Diamante

The Ethnic

The Hoops

The Pearl

The Resort

The Retro

The Vintage

The Drama

Step 5: Those that are bought for practically nothing = 47

The Proposed Theory
Why do women do this? Why do we perist in getting many pairs of earrings when we have only a pair of ears (for your information, I have 11 ear piercings so it's more justified in my case)? Come to think of it, we also have no lack of shoes that have caught our eyes. Why? It boils down to three words:
Just In Case

You never know when you might have to wear round-toe pumps with that oh-so-cute cherry earrings, do you? *-^

Conclusion: Those still on shopping lists = 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 and the men still don't get it


aLusTrieL said...

nice earrings! haha in my case tho, its bags. I just can't get enough bags. And yup. The men just don't get it. :)

jllt said...

Oh yes! Bags too! I have about 80 of those! All my babies!!!!

Zhe Bin said...

Variety is the spice of life mah. Who will complain because there are too many ear rings/clothes/shoes/bags one.

Jess said...

I'm jealous of your earring collection, and have a confession to make:

I only own two purses. And the only reason I own two was at the insistance of my Fashion roomates. (I only have used the second purse on about two occassions. Mainly because my camera doesn't fit into it.)

I figured you would also be suitably appalled by this admission.

jllt said...

zhe bin: I think the one footing the bills will throw a fit.

jess: You should get a smaller camera and more bags! Don't let the camera stop your natural woman instinct for purses! :D

Steve Metcalf said...

Maths of Earrings.
Maths of Bags.
Maths of Shoes.
Maths of Lotions.

Women are complicated!