Saturday, January 28, 2006

Anything goes

Insomnia is bad for you. You know, the thing that keeps you up at 6.30am. It isn't all that bad if you don't remember how tons of people are going to descend upon your house in a few day's time. Also, not too bad if you don't have to clean up your pig sty of a room.


Speaking of pigs, why do I get disgusted at programs on Asian Food Channel where chefs cook rabbit stew or pigeon while I have no qualms about eating pig innards? Food is a strange thing, really.


Speaking of food, I wonder how people get rid of the leftovers from Chinese New Year. Do you wolf it all down and hope it will go where you want it to go but not to the waist or hips? Many people think that there is no CNY ambience in Singapore. I think they are not home-makers to begin with. If you head down to any NTUC/wet market on the eve of CNY eve, you can see the chaos that is pre-CNY marketing. I don't mean the promote-my-ass-off-my-product kind of marketing.


Speaking of CNY, I saw the amount of fruits dad bought for ancestral worship tomorrow later today. Here's some of them:

You must remember to add in the bananas, grapes and peaches. Somehow, I suspect this Chinese custom of will become a rarity soon. Also, don't you think it's strange how unique many of us are in our religious beliefs? Some feel you have to attend church every Sunday while others think that so long as you have faith, it's enough.

But this is my favorite:

As it ripens, it tends to unfurl into a palm like shape. Hence, its name 佛手 (literally: buddha hand)


Such mindless ramblings actually make me kind of sleepy. Wish me luck.

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