Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Must there be a tomorrow?

I was wondering whether you must plan for the future while you are with someone. Does a relationship always have to go somewhere? What's in the cards? Marriage? Money? Kids? Break up?

Can we simply be happy just being with someone, without caring what will happen down the road? Hmm...


Woof! said...

Not at my age I guess... heh..

more seriously, I think it might be fine at the beginning to just luxuriate in the love, but after some time, the couple (if they are at least fairly serious about each other) have to think about where they wanna go in life, and realise that their intended paths are not too divergent... in fact, I think some couples break up after they've been together e.g. 6 years but are not married because they feel their r/s isn't going anywhere..

wow.. that's a lot of nagging!

Belinda said...

i think we dont have to plan at all! cos if there is love, we will be willing to do anything or everything for a person! and if there is no love, there is no point plainning too! but a ? to ponder on, feeling comfortable = love????!!!!