Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Female = privileges?

There are some girls who seem to think that being a female allows them to all sorts of privileges. I supposed in some way and with some people, it does. For some reason, this kind of behavior isn't very me.

I'm not sitting on my high pedestal judging people but firstly, let me describe the kind of girl I am talking about. This girl usually thinks she is pretty and should not have to do much work. She feels that guys should carry things and be gentlemen and foot the bill. Girls should not have to lift a finger to do work. Female is the fairer and weaker sex.

Now, if the guy in question is her boyfriend then I think it's alright. However, if this guy is still a student and footing her mobile bills for example, I feel it's quite out of place. Where does he actually get his money? It's not about being a feminist but don't you think as a girlfriend, the girl should actually think about the guy's finances before behaving in such a manner? Sometimes during grocery shopping, shouldn't you help in carrying the food? Don't you eat it? Even if you know the guy would refuse your aid, you should still ask, right?

Girls are not totally without muscles ok?


Injenue said...

if the guy is willing i think there is nobody to blame. dumb fucks are all over the place. =x

jllt said...

I'm not blaming anyone. I just find it odd that girls behave in such a manner, acting as if they have no money nor strength. Playing the weak female can most certainly get guys to "ooh" and "ahh" over the "poor" girl.

Adrian said...