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Sydney 2006 - Day 6 (040706)

Last day in Sydney! We learnt an important lesson: never start your day without breakfast.

The three of us were supposed to meet JY's friend at University of Sydney. It was drizzling slightly but we braved the rain and headed for UOS on foot. Along the way, we still had to make withdrawal from ATM. Haiz...

We just had an idea that we were heading the right direction without really knowing where UOS was. Found it anyway!

Can imagine Harry Potter running out anytime!

Where's Mr Potter?

Then JY's friends arrived. Two of them were from Brisbane and the other guy had just completed his studies in Sydney. He was very mean. He told us he was going to bring us to a wonderful cafe, which was very famous in Sydney. He led us through two cafes, sniffing the wonderful scones, quiches, coffee, and tea, but those were not it. By then, we were already cold, wet, and hungry. We had walked for nearly 1.5hrs ok! Nothing in the stomach.

Finally, we were told that it was near. Like another 5 minutes walk away! That's not near at all! We were brought to a tiny cafe. Gosh! I cannot describe the wonderful aroma of the coffee. It was all worth it! Sadly, there was nothing much to eat except two microscopic pieces of white chocolate brownie and some pastry. Delicious but not nearly enough!

Campos cafe, drinking cafe latte.

It's not very easy to find, so better consult the directory!

Next on our agenda was the afternoon cruise that would depart from Circular Quay. We bidded the guys goodbye and took the bus to board the 2.5hr cruise. It cost $24 and would take us out quite a bit. There were not many people on the cruise. It had a small cafe where we could purchase food. Being as hungry as we were after a cup of coffee and tiny pastries at Campos, we had to get some food. I thought there would be food included. Bah!

I like the background. Looks a bit like Greece with those houses along the shore.

I'm at the leaning island of Greece!

The cruise was so-so only. Didn't have much. We sat near a family. It was quite stuffy on the cruise so I opened the window to let some air in. But the mother of the family spoke to the others in Mandarin, thinking we were idiots.

Mother (with pissed off look): 怎么开窗啊!

Hello?! You think the cruise is yours issit? Cold don't come Australia during winter la! Somemore she paid $24 to sleep on the cruise. Super weird woman. Later, when we went out to take photos, she took our seats! So her big, big, big family of 4 or 5 took up 16 seats! Wah! Your money bigger than ours issit? See her face also irritating. Never mind, we took the next cluster of seats, and I opened the window, which invariably drew her to remark. Again.

Mother (with even more pissed off look): 怎么又开窗啊!

Too bad! The cruise is not yours. It was stufffy. You paid $24, I paid $24. I shall open all the windows if I want. She didn't just get annoyed at me; she gave anyone who opened their windows a pissed-off look. Cannot stand the cold, go and buy your own cruise to cruise around lor. Pui!

Later we discovered that the lower deck was way nicer. No stupid woman who cannot stand cold yet come to Australia during winter. There were no one around and we could do as many silly things as we wanted. Then Happy Foot wanted to join in the fun and asked me to take pictures of her on holiday.

Happy Foot: I'm so ronery...

Happy Foot: So ronery and sadry arone!

But Happy Foot wasn't very happy because she was scorned by the lousy friends I had.

P and JY: What's that!

JY: Karate chop you if you get near!

P: You're cracked and ugly!

As usual, Happy Sole turned up to save the day!

Happy Foot: I don't wanna be ronery no more!
Happy Sole: You don't have to be!

The cruise provided commentary on the places we were passing, like the Spit Bridge. But it was rather morbid because there were lots of comments on 'deaths', 'assassinations', 'murdered', 'killed', 'dead' etc... After a while we just tuned out the unhappy words and concentrated on making fools out of ourselves.

Don't poke my nose!

Wah! Amazing palm!

I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky! I was trying to make my eye look in opposite directions but I think it's impossible. Can you do it?

We arrived back in Circular Quay in three pieces. On day 2, we passed by a 'funny' cafe at The Rocks and wanted to check it out. It was interesting because it was a restored old house and looked rather quaint. Nothing like the cosmopolitan cafes in Singapore. We very power ok! Our memory quite good and we located Gumnut Tea Garden in no time at all!

It's lovely right? Like a bookstore.

Guess who's taking our photo? +_+

The menu! Yes, it's not cheap to eat out here. Bacon and eggs cost $8. x: Got concession discount?

I shared Italian sausage on sweet potato mash with JY. Rating: 3.5/5. I like the caramelised onions best!

We were in one of the rooms of the old house. Lovely. Very nice ambience. It has a very, very steep staircase; almost a 60 degree incline?

No wonder people from the past used to commit murder by pushing people down the stairs. Scary!

If you get spooked by old buildings, you can go to the al fresco backyard. Imagine cooking in your own house and using it as a restaurant as well! I think that's a super concept, like what they had for a Sammi Cheng and Jerry Yen show. 梦幻厨房? But being the suspicious person I am, I scare later people come eat my food and rob my house. Must find reputable customers. All must prove their innocence to me. Muahahaha... I wonder if there are any such operate-from-home restaurants in Singapore? I saw some in Australia.

After the cafe, we made way for last minute shopping. Over all, I don't think Sydney is a place for cheap shopping. If you are looking for factory outlets and such, there's Market City and Paddy's Market. We went to both on day one. Market City has more up-scale brands such Polo Ralph and Calvin Klein. Paddy's Market is like pasar malam, with souvenirs, food and accessories. Before I went, I did some research and also found Birkenhead Point, but we didn't get to go. K, who went there (because she stayed there longer), said there was a great Puma factory outlet that had 40% off. However, it was hard to find sizes. Remember to check your shoes before carrying them to the cashier! K found shoes her size but both were for the right foot. Who on earth has two left feet?! Hmm.. Wait a minute... What do they call people who cannot dance? :P Anyway, you can get to Birkenhead Point by taking a ferry from Circular Quay, although it's not very frequent.

So, on the last day, we went back to Market City because it's near our hotel. But we finished shopping there within half an hour or so and decided to head out to a nearby mall. Nothing to buy. ): Strangely, for our last dinner in Sydney, we only had sushi. Lol... Sushi is very common in Australia. One roll costs about $2 though. Expensive!

The watering tree in Chinatown. If you look hard enough, you will see two of us.

We had booked our return ride with the airport shuttle. I think it's quite affordable, though I cannot remember the exact price. $20 for a return ticket? Remember to book your return ride 24 hrs beforehand. The last ride however, is at 7pm. So it might not be suitable for people returning on a late flight.

All our bags are packed and we're ready to go. We're taking photo outside Aarons.

One of the most famous things in Sydney is the huge US doughnut store, Krispy Kreme. My friend had ta bao some for me last year when she drove to Sydney from Brisbane (12 hours!). I thought it was ok only. I was told that in the States, they would fry the doughnut in front of you and dip it in the glaze. You get to enjoy it pipping hot! Yum! They had a very good pricing strategy, at least for suckers like me. One original glazed cost $2 while a dozen cost $14?

We love our Krispy Kreme! Rating: 3.5/5.

I think Krispy Kreme doughnuts have superb dough; soft but with just the right amount of bounce. However, it was much, much, much too sweet!!! Very, very, extremely sweet. If only the sweetness is reduced by half, I think it would be awesome. We shared the assorted dozen and chose doughnuts such as glazed sour cream, strawberry and cream, glazed lemon filled, chocolate mint (recommended!), and glazed chocolate cake. My friends said Dunkin' Doughnuts are better. I can't comment since I have never tried it. Available in Singapore?

At the airport, I wondered aloud whether the duration in Sydney was too long, too short or just ok. Both P and JY said they were glad to be going home. I didn't know how I felt but now I wish I had more time to explore The Rocks, eat the deep-fried Mars bar, and go to Birkenhead Point. Ahh!!! Humans do not know how to be contented! :P

Nevertheless, I am grateful for the opportunity to study in Australia and travel around. Not everyone gets this chance. Thanks Dad! Thanks Mum!

Next up, a trip to Currumbin, Gold Coast! Stay tuned!

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