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Sydney 2006 - Day 5 (030706)

Girls will be girls. Day 5 saw us splitting up into groups of 3 and 2 because of horrible backstabbing and badmouthing one another. Girls are naturally bitchy!!! Muahahahahaha!!!

WRONG! Well, we did split up, only because K and JL were going to attend a church service. :D The remaining 3 of us, P, JY and I, had to entertain ourselves. The previous night, we had to move into two rooms, but we did not like one of the rooms. Just did not have a comfortable feeling in it. Went to the reception to change to another room, which was even weirder. Never mind, since it's our last night as a group of 5, we should have a big sleepover in the okay room!

I like the okay room because you can go out into the 'balcony'! Sometimes when I pass the old shophouses in Little India and Chinatown, I wonder what it would be like staying in one of those rooms; when the morning comes, can I go to the roof and look up into the sky? What would I see, will I get a sense of the history of the building? What was it like 5 decades ago? Drama, drama!

On the morning of day 5, we hit the balcony! We saw the lovelier UTS campus and had a ball of a time taking photos outside.

Shit! Gloomy skies!

Cannot spare the toilet either! Photo, photo!

After having so much oily food for the past few days, a light meal was in order! Porridge! But immediately after that, I started craving for bad, cholesterol-laden goodies! x:

This is what the hotel looks like. Like those old, old shophouses that are preserved in Singapore.

It was a slow, relaxing day. We got nothing much planned except to head back to Bondi Junction for a spot of shopping. Strangely, we found that shopping in Sydney might not be as good as in Brisbane. Here, there's at least a Harbourtown in Gold Coast. Maybe there are those expensive shops in Sydney. What to do, students don't have that kind of money. :P

As usual, we walked to Darling Harbour (again!) to take a ferry. Ferry quite expensive. Day ticket cost $12 (I think) and we only managed to take it once because it ends quite early! ):

View from the ferry! The most famous things in Sydney.

Before going to Bondi Junction, we wanted to visit the strangely attractive Luna Park.

Do not eat us!

Luna Park is one of those weird-looking amusement parks that we sometimes see in shows. I think it attracts adults more than children. Perhaps like the freak shows kind of carnivals from olden days. It is beautifully decorated and admission is free! You just have to pay for the rides you want to take.

See what I mean about it being somewhat freaky?

I only took two rides. One of the rides are those that turn you upside down. The ride was scary not because it was scary but because I thought I was going to die! I thought the end of me had come because I was sliding out my seat!

It's one of those rides where you do not have much of a safety harness. The only thing holding you to your seat was the black thing (see illustration below) at your tummy.

I did not have time to scream. ):

Before they secured the black thing, we were told to sit out a bit. But I think I sat out too much. So when the ride was upside down, I was sliding out of my seat and the black thing was around my pelvis, not my stomach. The good thing is, I'm alive. ALIVE!!! The ride was also fun because we sat in a row with three other younger kids. They were very excited about the ride and even taught us what to do! I like friendly people.

Little girl: Is this your first time on the ride?
P: Yep!
Little girl: Oh! It's really fun and a little bit scary later.
Little boy (probably the brother): Listen! Later when I tell you guys to look behind you do it ok! That way the ride will be better!
P and I: Alright!!!

Looked like we were being taught by experts! We also took the ferris wheel to get a better view of Sydney. I think the older you get, the more kiasi you get. Someone (I will not mention names) was quite nervous on the ride. Ferris wheel. Hmm... According to her, she took all the extreme rides when she was younger... Hmm.. Right...

We headed back to Bondi Junction by rail. It was just a mad dash for shopping, shopping, shopping! But alas! I could not get much. I don't really mind not buying things. I went into a shop that allows you to build-a-bear! I think if I'm a kid and get one of those bears, I will be super haolian. Firstly, you pick the bear/stuffed toy you want, then you go to the cotton wool machine where it will get stuffed. Before doing that, you get to choose a cotton heart to put inside the bear. It's alive! ALIVE!!! Then one of the employees will stitch it up for you. I saw a guy doing that, all the while speaking to the little customer. All together now! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... You can dress your teddy bear by buying clothings, shoes and other accessories. I tried to look for something for Grunty, but I think he's too big for those clothes inside. I think he needs a XXXL. x:

Still managed to dig something out from FCUK. A pouch cost only $7 and a bag for $16! All three of us got the same bag! The pouch was gold so I think too blink for the others!

Need to commemorate the event!

Haiz.. Now I regret not going to Bondi Beach to get the deep fried Mars bar. ): We also realised, too late, that the last ferry was at 6.55pm when we reached the rail station at 7pm. Bah! So we alighted at Circular Quay. But what a beautiful, unyellow Opera House we saw! The night truly makes things look better! But lousy cameras we had could not take nice night photos. Anyone has any digital cameras to recommend? Would appreciate that very much. :D Thinking of a SLR but not sure what's good for an amateur. Ideas anyone?

Did I mentioned how much I love The Rocks?

When you see this, how can you not love it?

Please please go to The Rocks if you visit Sydney. It's beautiful! We wanted to have dinner at one the restaurants in the above photo. But most restaurants did not have many people and with our Singaporean and Malaysian mentality, we were not too game to try something that did not appear popular. Breaking our never-to-repeat-a-cuisine rule, we went back to Pancakes on the Rocks. Good choice!

Heng we went earlier because we got a seat after 10 minutes. When we looked out, there was a snaking queue. Wahahaha!!! Wait and watch us eat!!! :P By then, we were starving and despite that, we thought we can share a main and dessert. WRONG! We ended up ordering beef ribs(rating: 3.5/5), tandoori pizza (rating: 4/5), and dessert (rating: 4/5).

Huge, huge beef ribs!

Yummy, yummy pancakes!

Since day one, P was enamoured with the signs on the road to warn of traffic direction. Thanks to my excellent photography skills, she has this for remembrance:

This was on the way to finding King's Cross, the part of town that supposedly is the red light district.

In the end, we did not go to King's Cross because it was getting late, we didn't know the way, and it was supposed to be more dangerous, especially there were only three of us girls. Safety first!

It was late but not too late! Last night in Sydney! Had to do something! What else by K!!!

You cannot see it here, but we were gesturing at the MTV because it was shot in Singapore! The woman was looking at the MRT passing by~ I love my Singapore~

When we left, we asked a group of Vietnamese to take our photo for us. One of them took a photo of us, using her camera without our permission. It was more weird than rude. Hmm...

One more day left in Sydney, what will we do? :)

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