Saturday, July 29, 2006


Yesterday, we went shopping. To ease the pain of not being able to get much (me), I wanted to eat something better for dinner. JL recommended Hanachi Sushi. As JL quite chui ziam, if she recommends it, it must be not bad! Indeed, it served some interesting sushi choices. If you are looking for those food that are sold in Sakae Sushi, you will be in for a disappointment! Check out some of the things we had!

Wagyu beef. Supposedly the best beef in the world because the highest quality is 90% fats and 10% meat. Fear not! For the fats is monosaturated; the "good" fats, but I don't like it although my friend said it's the best of the night. Hmm... It's served raw by the way, not even rare wor!

Unagi roll. Eel is quite a common dish, and this was nicely done. I love fish! :P

Sea urchin. We tried this because this is something that we seldom see in Singapore. It was $5.80 a plate, same as Wagyu beef. I don't particularly like this although it's better than the beef. Friend said it tastes fishy, which she doesn't like. I thought it was quite ok. Can try but maybe not second time.

Scampi in miso soup! This was great! I love it! Absolutely delicious. Although there wasn't much meat in the scampi, the miso soup absorbed the flavour. So sweet! Please try it!

Scallops. We thought it was going to be cooked. It wasn't. There was no taste. Friend said it tastes like raw fish. I still think there's no taste.

Octopus. I adoooooooooooooooore octopus. This was so fresh and sweet that I ordered two! To be shared! Haha... While eating this, I had a minor debate with friend who said it was so hard to bite off. I told her I thought sushi was meant to be pop into the mouth as a whole, then you slowly chew. At least that was what I saw on Japan hour. Furthermore, the sushiman said dip the sushi in soy sauce then you add a bit of wasabi, instead of mixing wasabi and soy sauce and smothering the whole sushi with the vile mixture. Haha! I don't like wasabi because it covers the taste so it doesn't matter to me. But is there a right way to eat sushi?

Peking duck. I like this too! Although it was a little dry, I thought it was great because very long never eat duck, and it tasted quite nice. :)

If you stay in Brisbane area and has any nice, affordable ($15-$25) restaurants to recommend, please drop me a note! I want to try other food!

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