Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Recently, I have been listening to love stories. Real-life tales about how couples get together or didn't work out and it drawn upon me that there is a crucial difference between males and females. Women want to know where they stand; they want to know what is the correct label. "Am I your girlfriend, friend, hook-up partner, fuck buddy, good pal, friend with benefits or just a fling?" Men, on the other hand, cannot be bothered. "There's Annie. Great! Now we can get a move on."

Why is that so? I guess it is because women have been known to seek security; they know their youth is their biggest draw because men have been known to seek pretty, young things. So what is the resultant? Females want status and "you're with me" simply doesn't count. Males want to sow wild oats so vagueness is the way to go. How do you turn the tables?

Be unattainable. That ought to keep men interested, right? This is when a friend pointed out: if he is with you because you pose as a challenge, will it be to your benefit to succumb to his charms eventually? You will no longer be attractive then because you have been "conquered" right? How long can you play the game? If you never yield to him, will he lose interest?

Life is so fun~


Jess said...

Well-put. I'm heartily in agreement of the confusion. So much, in fact, that I can't make a concrete comment of any relevance in response.

Injenue said...

actually since now women are so independent and all, what's with seeking security? don't they find that in their jobs just like us men?

the sow wild oats theory is a little off too. not all men want to father a lot of children. child-support not cheap hor. men just want to fuck many different women because it feels GOOD. how hard is that to understand? lol...

jllt said...

jess: I think the guys don't get it.

injenue: Security is not in the sense of material form only. I was speaking from findings in sexual chemistry; what is considered attractive in both gender. Thus, sexual (in)equality has nothing to do with what I was blogging about. Sowing wild oats a.k.a. the need to propagate is one of the findings in the field of sexual chemistry. You may disagree of course, but the point is, everything is subjective isn't it? (: