Friday, September 16, 2005

Rainy days

I love rainy days. The feeling of the earth being cleansed and everything starting anew after that. Completely delusional. In any case, the cool weather is conducive for sleeping or grabbing someone to cuddle with you. Hugging yourself in bed and willing yourself to dream of a hunk/babe is a pretty fine activity too.

When I was younger, I love to get caught in the rain. There were no issues about getting wet. Now you wonder about falling down in the rain and making a fool of yourself. Or not getting admitted onto public transport because you are dripping. There's also the big ugly rheumatism lurking in the back, threatening to make you remember this drenched day in all future rainy days. So you shrink back under your brolly and hurry home before you catch your cold of death.

I think I watched too much advertisements. You know, about how its raining outside and this woman would be dry and warm, sipping her coffee/hot chocolate while lounging in her window seat, looking out with a contented expression. Yeah. Coffee keeps you awake and hot chocolate gives your sore throat. Go ahead. Bottoms up!

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