Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Partying, labbishing and eating (Part II)

So this was where I left off yesterday. The guy walked over and wanted to make friend. I think next time we should try gesturing wildly like we do not understand English. Should be quite fun to see his reaction. There he was, introducing himself and there we will be gesticulating like siao char bors. I don't mind making friends ah but in any case, the summon was too exciting so none of us in the mood to be friendly. We were saved by the driver! Friend turned back at the right time so off we drove, leaving the poor dude in the cold. I doubt he care la! Hahahaha…

Anyway, the main event was up next! Labbishing! Yeah! Even though we had been labbishing so far, no place is better than former chapel turned pancake house to crap to our ass content! Let’s see… what did we talk about? Or what did I irritate my friends about?

I think the first part was persisting in asking them what they would feel if they found a dismembered head. Seems like cleaners are usually the one to discover the grisly body parts. I was saying I would be scarred for life but will pacify myself by saying that I am helping the victim. To uncover the parts would be the start in knowing that a murder has been committed after all. And there are people who actually think that a corpse in the landscape is fashionable. I think the shots are beautiful in a very morbid way. Anyway, I doubt there are places in Singapore where you can dump bodies and not be found out within the year. None of my friends seemed interested in continuing the conversation leh… So my monologue died off after awhile.

Pancake house!

It was really a chapel ah! See the old skool design. A bit surreal. I think if this kind of place is in Singapore, it would be a national treasure or something. So I was really suaku in the ex-chapel, taking pictures here and there.

Artistic shot neh! Look like flower hor. Jugwer! Hahahaha…

Waiting for pancake and crepes! I don’t like this kind of brick wall though. The rough surface is no kick for your hands. Easily grazed then you will look like you have been severely abused when all your knuckles have been scarred. ): Also look like the perfect place for…

Murder! I look entirely too happy right? Tut tut… Must be the stress from seeing the Monty guys. Luckily I was saved by the…

Strawberry pancakes! Not mine though… ): 我很饿了!!!

My meal! How nice! A plate of carrot! I am a rabbit!

Crepe! The cross shape to remind customers that they are in what was formerly a chapel? Hmm.. Don’t care… Dig in first!

But it wasn’t long before I got the crème de la crème! Macadamia pancake! With maple syrup! But sia la! Too into taking photo with the maple syrup on the pancake that I overpoured. +_+ 我的饼饼!

Seeing all these photos make me hungry. So I’ll leave you here salivating and continue with my friend’s 装可爱手指照片记 tomorrow! Miss me!

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